Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Is Media getting Bamboozled?

Is Media getting Bamboozled? Well, I suppose that depends on who you ask, however one reader really is being affected by the overgrowth of bamboo at the corner of Jefferson and Gayley Street on the south side of town.  It's a bit hard to see in the picture, but bamboo shoots are seen behind the stop sign and are interfering with vehicles.

Thanks to the person that took the time to bring this to everyone's attention.

Intersection of Gayley and Jefferson Streets


  1. For another example of a totally invasive, overgrown, nasty bamboo forest in a residential area, drive down Plum Street between Franklin and Jefferson and look to your left. Stalks are 3 stories high. Please, Media Borough, enact a bamboo ban as Rose Valley has already done.

  2. Boro or someone trimmed around signs just prior to.this photo...bamboo still hangs in street and causes visibility problems at intersection.Landowner should be cited hazard nuisance..looks crappy too!