Sunday, July 13, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Beer Here - Cool video from 320 Market
I really like what 320 Market is doing with these videos.  They run them from time-to-time on their Facebook page, which really gets across a great message of what they're up to, what they're working on and why you should give them a try.  I'm not a beer guy, but nice marketing campaign explaining to someone like myself the complexities of beer.  I now know there's a lot more beer can be paired with than just wings, pizza and pretzels.

Swiss Farms and 320 Market get Online
A recent report I saw this week stated that 56% of are people preoccupied with their smart phone while watching TV.  And another stated that more than a 1/3 of all pizza orders are now done online.  So why wouldn't you be online.  Neat project going on with Swiss Farms and soon to be released 320 Market Cafe Online.  I'm fascinated about these efforts and how they are marketed and implemented.

How about ordering your Wawa hoagie from the car?  That's not yet a reality, but technology is quickly becoming the norm instead of the exception. 

You flip your car on State Street, You're popular.
You want to be popular?  I mean REALLY popular?  Then flip your car over on State Street and you'll be the talk of Delaware County.  I didn't think it was such a big deal when it happened Tuesday evening; but thousands of people swung by to check out the picture and thought it was the most bizarre thing they've seen.
What Media Restaurants should be keeping an eye on.
What I like to call Media's Food Court movement has no doubt doubled down and pushed all their chips into the center of the table when it comes to dining business.  Compare what's going between the restaurant and food scene, to what was at one time retail and small business here in the borough and there is no comparison.   In fact, I caught up with a well known businesswoman(retail) on Friday who told me that her business doubled since moving out of Media 5 years ago.  She said parking was the factor.

Parking is always going to be a challenge in the borough, but what's about to get more interesting is the competition that will be coming from the Granite Run Mall this time next year.   Here's an interesting article about a new restaurant concept to open at Exton Mall.  Dining is trendy, and it's important to be in front of the right trends.

The 6,000 square-foot Red Star Craft House, scheduled to open in the Exton Square Mall in October, will have a 3,000 square-foot patio with an outdoor bar, fireplaces, and will have 80 out seats, 150 dining room seat and 40 indoor café-style seats.

Twisted Oak at the The Deck
If you like something different and on the water, it looks like the newly opened Twisted Oak(The Deck) in Essington is well worth a try.  They've revamped the whole place to include a new look and feel, to the new menu. 

Solicitors in Media Borough
One of the subsequent topics that came up from this week's suspicious person report, was the solicitors that have been apparently going door-to-door in Media.  I've not experienced this myself, but many of you have from the comments I've received.  I beleive technically, a permit is needed for any kind of solicitation, but I'm not sure how strongly that's enforced.

If you do come across these visit, you may want to ask if they have a permit and perhaps even call the Media police (911) if it becomes a problem.

Media Borough Website = FAIL
It's bad enough that was redone 3 years ago for $15,000 and TOTALLY missed the social media and mobile aspects that so many rely on today; but to keep it poorly maintained and not updated proves it's worthless.  Worst yet, the community has no confidence in it's operation.  It's not asking a lot to at least properly update and share information on Media's Family Movie Night.

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  1. Was at Bastille Day, still a nice event even though I only recognized 1/10 ppl. The streets in Media are TRASHED by all the festivals. Cracks, full trash cans, planters beat up, burnt out lights along the building trim, gum spots EVERYWHERE. Time for Media Business Authority to step up and clean up for all the high traffic they encourage. We can be a worn out suburb or we can still be something special despite all the new development.