Sunday, July 20, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes
Thanks to those who reach out week after week with questions, observations about Media and requests for help with promoting an event.  I enjoy them and usually get back to people within the day.  What's really worked out well are messages sent to either @mediapanews on Twitter or to the ATM Facebook account.  Reached that way, I can usually get back to you within an hour.
I typically try to get this piece out every Sunday morning by 9am, but sometimes life gets in the way. So without further adieu, here's this week's ATM M2M!

What's up with the fence on N. Monroe?
N. Monroe Street, mystery fence.
If you've been by N. Monroe street you may have noticed what looks like a squared off fence in the middle of a yard.  Someone asked me what that was all about, as it looks like someone's own dog park.  From what I understand, one of the tenants that lived in the adjacent house had setup the fencing.  I don't know that for sure, but if anyone would like to solve the mystery, please comment.

As for the bike in the same vicinity that was locked up to a pole (left side of the picture), I'm not sure what that was all about.  The bike has since been removed. 

Glen Providence Park Improvements
Kudos to Delaware County Park and Recreation services for the storm water run-off work they've completed at Glen Providence Park.  I know storm water was an issue for residents down stream of the park, so hopefully this re-mediates that issue.  What I appreciate is the time and quality of the repair.  As you can see, the retaining wall was nicely done, as was the fencing.

Unfortunately, the fencing erected halfway down the hill will obstruct a clear path for sledders in the wintertime, but other than that, it looks great and was badly needed.

Edgemont and Jefferson
No development for Edgemont and Jefferson
There hasn't been any notable update on the construction of condos at the corner of Jefferson and Edgemont Streets.  I understand the original owners had been shopping the property around and have all but abandoned the original construction plans.  If you happen to like the excavated hole at this location, you may get to see it for a long time to come.

I love Media - Promotional Campaign
As I've been saying for years, Media needs a short, concise and easily understood promotional campaign built around social media (30 seconds of DUTS would work).  Media Borough and Mayor Bob McMahon clearly didn't understand this when they led the borough into creating an infomercial for $20,000 with a shady company from Florida.  How many people saw that video on TV? Most of that $20,000 went to the voice over by Terry Bradshaw and the misleading statement "it'll be shown nationally."

What ended up happening was that the video went to Youtube where it was seen, but didn't have much use for much of anything else.  Nobody could really tell who the video's audience was (i.e. community, business, residents, etc).  It was also way too long (~5min) which is an eternity when it comes to online video

Anyway, there is a project in the works that appears to be developing a new promotional video on Media.  This will be produced locally by a group who's work I've seen and who gets Everybody's Home Town.  I think it'll be pretty good.

Media Fire Company Fundraiser
Nice job by Media Fire Company with putting together their annual fundraiser at Rita's Water Ice last week.  I had a chance to stop by to check it out.  I also like their updates on Facebook regarding the calls they make here in the borough.  It provides a great perspective of how busy this group is and how important it is to get people involved to help out.

Made in Media - ION Sport Juice
It may not be as popular as some of the new eateries set to open in Media (Sterling Pig, Berry Fresh Cafe, Maggie Hook's or Garden Cafe), but it may be bigger!  This week ION Sport Juice exceeded their initial financing goal conducted via with support of the Media community.  Media, with focused awareness could be a hub of technical innovation and business development, and this is an example of the potential this town has. 

3am Saturday Morning 7/19
I was asked if anyone heard anything peculiar around 3:00 am EST around the area of 5 points in Media.  I didn't hear anything, but someone said they heard what sounded like gun two shots or maybe firecrackers during that time.  

Biking in Media
I never really got into biking even when mountain biking craze took off in the 90's.  I thought the bikes were really cool, but always preferred to walk or ride a motorcycle/moto/scooter.  I've been reading up on community bicycle lanes and think they'd be great for Media. We also have quite a few groups in town who advocate pedal power.  And not only that, we have Cycle Sport at 5 points who are a world class bike shop and even manufacture custom bicycles.  That's pretty cool and made in Media too!

Rose Tree Park
Delaware County's Summer Festival has been a smashing success this year.  I had a chance to swing by last Saturday and was impressed by the turn-out and the first rate production by the Upper Darby Stage Shooting Stars. 


  1. Swing by. this, ace!

  2. The fence was built by a tenant as an area for his dogs and other dogs in the building.

  3. Seems odd that there was any question. Aren't permits required for a fence?

  4. Anon 8:42 ... Do you know if the tenant obtained a permit?

  5. If you see hooded figures in the dog park, do not approach them. DO NOT APPROACH THE DOG PARK.

  6. The Strine's can build whatever they

  7. LOL @ the comments

  8. Why all the interest in the fence... Really .. it's been there for years !!!

  9. Fence, empty lot, dumpster fire, building being painted...what's next? I'm in suspense.

  10. Anon. 6:36- Why? Because there were two articles on fences, and only one on dumpsters.