Saturday, July 26, 2014

Media's Olive Street Parking Garage Repair Begins to Run Behind Schedule

With a July 25th scheduled re-opening of the top level of Olive Street Garage, and substantial work still yet to be done; the project begins to run behind schedule.  As of today, the top tier is still closed with major concrete work still yet to be done.

Here's Media Borough's official schedule of repair:
June 9 - July 25: Concrete removal & Repair entire top deck and repair one (1)
stairway. Re-caulking, sealing, striping, paint steel at stairway. Reopen top


  1. I will say the only fault on the borough council is the contractor they hired to fix this huge problem !!

  2. If it was sealed bid they had little choice other than going with the lowest bidder. .. Rather than risk another lawsuit.

  3. Hope it is not the same contractor for the bridge. What a ruse, these Democrats.

  4. Has a construction project EVER run according to its schedule?!?

  5. Not surprised! Today was the 30 day deadline for the borough's appeal to the bridge does anyone have insight on whether we will incur a tremendous tax bill to pay the legal fees, or will they do the right thing and move forward?
    I'm paying 10 to 1 - any takers?

  6. Wouldn't we already know if they were going to appeal? Doesn't the Sunshine Act require that decision to be made at a public meeting?