Sunday, August 3, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Twitter is where it happens:
Part of Twitter's problem is that a lot of people just don't understand it.  It's probably best known as microblogging with a limit of each "tweet" being a 140 character limit.  I find it interesting in its ability to cover live world events, but it also serves as a great notification system like two weeks ago.  

On the day of the shooting at Mercy-Fitzgerald Hospital, it was DelcoAlert who first reported the incident. They reported almost 30 minutes before it mentioned by any of the news outlets, and when it comes emergency issues in to Delaware County, it typically comes from them first.

If you're into those kinds of rapid communications, and don't want to listen to a police/fire scanner, they may be a group to follow. Twitter: @delcoalert

Orange St and Baltimore Ave Parking Garage
Media may catch a break here with getting needed parking at a discount.  By discount I mean Septa and the county are interested in this project too and would offset a total cost to Media.  This idea has been kicked around for years, but it may have viability this time around.  Think of something like Olive Street Garage in terms of size and scope, with about ~248 parking spaces.  

There's still a lot to be reviewed on this, but I'll see if I can get some further information or what this will look like.

Restaurant for Sale
If you're looking to get into the restaurant business in Upper Providence, there's one for sale.  Looks like it'll come with a liquor license and it pretty much a turnkey operation.  Bon Appetit.

Penncrest Swag
There's not any easier way to be a part of the 2014 Lacrosse season than showing your colors.  Great site commemorating the Penncrest Lacrosse State Champs!

Blood Drive in Media
You can't get blood from a stone, that's true.  You can, however give blood at this Summer's blood drive here in Media.  Give to a good cause on Thursday August 14th 2014 from 2 - 7pm at the community center.

Help a Good Cause.  Here's why
Being the best or the brightest isn't always the recipe for success, however, it you can project genuine enthusiasm, work hard and inspire people, you have a great shot for making real change.  I think that's vitally important for a community like Media and try to encourage that attitude anyway I can.

This week I was contacted by a person who needed help raising money for a family in need. Consider a small donation.  Even $10 would make a difference.

Hello! Is there any chance you could share this link to help my raise money for an elderly couple who is financially struggling?? 
I have already collected food and some money, but I'm hoping to reach a small goal of $1,000.00.  
Please, if you can, help me help them. Thank you! 


  1. Good Job. Thanks for the update. Art

  2. what restaurant is for sale in Upper P, the UPG?