Sunday, August 17, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Ok, here we go!  Mid August means the beginning of back to school and I'd have to say the unusually cooler weather this month is making that feel more like a reality.  Not only that, but tonight is the conclusion of the Rose Tree Summer Music Festival.  I'm having someone look into this, but I'd have to say this season may have been the festival's most popular year.  It was a great series and Delaware Parks and Recreation group did a fantastic job.  A special thanks to event volunteers like Nancy Peters who does such a great job with making sure these things run smoothly.

I actually enjoyed watching many of my friends on Facebook take the ALS challenge by pouring ice water over their heads.  It was great and raised a lot of money.   I was thrilled even more to not have been nominated, by that doesn't mean there wasn't a challenge - there was. 

Yesterday I was contacted about a "Media Challenge to Fight Hunger" to help our local food bank.  I no sooner read it and LOVED IT.  Jenn Metzger of 8th Street, I do accept the challenge and encourage everyone in the community to do so as well.

"A 24 hour challenge for everyone local: The shelves at Media Food Bank are empty. Fill up a bag or box with non-perishable food, take a pic, share/tag the pic, and challenge your friends to do the same. Drop off the food today from 5-6:30PM or tomorrow (Sunday) from 8:45 -12PM in the parking lot @ 425 W. Front Street (BRV Community Church). We are hoping to fill a couple pick up trucks of food...and would love your help."

Questions and Comments from the Community via Twitter:
@mediapanews Media should be cleaner. There is a lot of trash around town.

You're right.  In fact, State Street is quite grimy and should be routinely cleaned and power washed.  Here's a post by another person from the community two months ago.

@mediapanews Why are there no ice cream trucks in the Media area?

There actually are and I heard one just a few weeks ago.  Here's a post on the subject.

This actually makes driving fun!
If you haven't checked out a driving app for the your smart phone called Waze, you might want to give it a try if you drive a lot, especially long distances.  It's been around for a few years, but has really gotten good in the last year.  

The app leverages the knowledge of travelers in real-time.  Whether its police activity, traffic, weather, a vehicle on the shoulder, or even debris in your path ahead; the service is impressively accurate and useful.  It's free and also allows a user to participate with their own observations like, stand still traffic.  I can make a boring ride actually interesting.

Jack's Tavern is getting free Wifi
Every once in awhile I like to stop in at Jack's Tavern.  I like the people there and for the price, the food can't be beat.  I was there this weekend and was told free wifi will be available soon.  For those who like to go to Jack's while keeping track of their fantasy football team, free wifi will come in handy.

But the big news here is that I was given the schedule for one of the best soups I've ever had.  I know people are going to think I'm crazy,  and I didn't believe it myself, but this place has soups that customers get in line for.  Here's what you need to know: The chicken pot pie soup will be served exclusively on the first Wednesday of each month. 

Hand Carved Roast Beer Beef and Pork- Dominic's
Coming Soon.
Overall people seem excited that Dominic's is coming to Upper Providence and will be located where the former Upper Providence Grill is, or for you old timers, the former Casa Manno's.  The UPG restaurant was on the market for quite some time, but this looks to be a great replacement.  If their close to what Nick's Roast Beef is in Springfield, they'll probably quite well.

What created more buzz for this opening, was the misspelling they had on their banner out front that misspelled 'beef' and read 'beer'.  Any publicity is good publicity, I suppose.

Here's what's going on Edgemont Street
Sewer Upgrades on Edgemont St.
For those of you enduring the heavy equipment, road materials, metal plates and piping; be aware that work be done is to replace sewer lines along Edgemont Street.  It took me a bit to track someone down, but Aqua is working with a company called ProPipe to re-sleave the current sewers with plastic replacements.  No time frame on how long this will take, but I suspect Edgemont Street will probably be repaved once the work is done. 

For the four Media Borough Council people who live by Edgemont Street, two of which who LIVE ON Edgemont, you could have done better to notify the community of the pending work.  I received complaints that no one even knew what the work was for.

Upper Deck of Media's Parking Garage is open.
About three weeks late, but the upper deck of the Olive Street Garage is now open.  The lower tiers including the entrance on Olive Street will now be closed for repairs.  No kiosks yet on the third floor, so for the meantime, parking is free.  As usual, no update by Media Borough Council on the matter.
Top Tier of Olive Street Garage is now open.
Check out a Vine Video of Maggie Hooks


  1. Hi Tedman,

    Can you find out who runs (no pun intended) the 5 Mile race? It seems to be the largest event of the year in the Borough yet it is not run by Council or MBA. I heard it is run by Monica Simpson but can't confirm. I was curious how a Media based retailer like Bryn Mawr Running Company was not a sponsor for the race. My understanding was that Simpson is hard to deal with in sponsorship talks. Just wonder why this is not a Recreation or MBA event instead of a Simpson event. It would good to know Ted.

    1. It not really a question of "who" or "what group" runs the Media 5 Miler -- but rather what is done with all the sponsorship money and entry fees collected for the race. Who is getting paid and who is "volunteering".

      Tedman do Media and everyone who runs the race a solid and get answers to these questions. FOLLOW THE MONEY who is making it and who is TAKING it.

    2. I laughed when I saw the 5 mile t-shirt this year. It was very cheap and ugly yet there were a ton of "sponsors" listed on the back. I've run in smaller races with cheaper registration fees and with significantly less sponsors and walked away with way better sponsor swag and after party. As someone who works in the biz, I find this run to be sub par and I won't be doing it again.

    3. Someone needs to do a freedom of information act on the Media 5 Miler and find out who is getting paid

  2. Why not just name the borough Maggie's Hook, and be done with it! You'd think it was the second coming.

  3. No NothingdavidisonAugust 19, 2014 at 1:52 PM

    Hey Ted, good to see the founding members of FROG moving so much earth to build a nice big addition on his house. Interesting the silt fence had collapsed and dirt was running down onto West ST but no one complained. It is amazing the FROGS complain about a public safety hazard like the dam will damage the park while creating a big construction mess in front of their own house. Maybe the Code inspector should drive by his house like I'm sure he will demand when the dam is under construction to make sure all is compliant with borough codes.

    1. Hey No Nothing maybe no one has complained because it isn't a big deal like you would like it to be. Sorry it doesn't fit your agenda.

    2. Hey Nonothingdavidson quit your whining don't you know once you are elected to Council by the residents of Media you get to do WHATEVER you want. Kent is just exercising his right as a do what I say not what I do Council Person