Sunday, August 24, 2014

Media in Two Minutes


Restaurants and businesses here in Media like to point out that this is typically a slow time in town with a lot of people getting in the last of summer vacation time before the upcoming fall rush.  Business tails off a bit with until after Labor Day.

On the other hand, it's been very busy for me with a recent project that was just launched nationally and so far received quite favorably by the press. I hope to have sometime coming up to focus on this blog and share some neat stories about businesses in Media, development of Baltimore Ave and an update on Granite Run Mall.  Until then, enjoy what's left of the summer!

Bizarre Week in Media

First off was a report this week that a person dressed up like a Ninja attacked a person on Sycamore Mills Road.  Police reported that the perpetrator was apprehended and was in some way related to the victim.  

Secondly, a lot of people have been upset with the news of Frank Lavin who has been reported missing.  There are a lot of people looking for Frank and just this weekend I saw flyers on telephone polls on State Street.  I hope Frank is found safely soon.  I'll post any updates I hear and ask that you all do the same.

Media Fire Company’s Annual Fund Drive
Media FD 2014 Stats
The fire company's fund drive is underway and any contribution you can offer  I know would be greatly appreciated.  Folks can use the mailer that was sent out or go to our webpage,, and use the paypal link for the Fire Fund Drive.

A lot of people know the fire company by driving by the garage on Jackson  street and seeing the staff working on the equipment.  But here are some statics that really show how busy this group is and how important it is for them to be ready. Based on the stats, they make at least one call a day for a fire and at least 5 calls per day for some other kind of emergency. 

I'd also like to recognize the anniversary of Marion Baker and Morgon Wood who were killed in the line of duty 85 years ago this week.
Tuesday was the 85th anniversary of the death of two Media firefighters. August 19, 1929, Media Fire Company was dispatched to Middletown Township for a fire. While responding the driver of the truck had a heart issue and loss control of the truck, leading it down the embankment. Most of the crew jump off while one member had the truck roll over them. The driver of the truck was Marion Baker and the firefighter was Morgan Wood. Media Fire Company went to the graves on Tuesday and paid respects to their fallen brothers.
Berry Fresh is Open and maybe Garden Cafe too!
To the delight and curiosity of many, Berry Fresh opened this week.  I haven't yet had a chance to get in to see the grand opening, but by driving by it looked like there was quite a buzz. 

I also saw the door open for Garden Cafe, which is located on N. Jackson street a few doors down from sister operation, Koffee Korner.  I"ll have to swing in to take a look, but stop by.

101 Trolley Pub Crawl - Oct 4, 2014
I thought this was a great idea and like the enthusiasm surrounding this.  On Oct 4th there will be the first of its kind - Trolley Crawl.  Here are the details:
Today we're excited to announce The 1st Annual 101 Trolley Pub Crawl on Saturday, October 4th, 2014. The Crawl will ride Media's 101 Trolley from State and Orange at 1:08pm and visit five taverns along the trolley route.

There's no sign-up required, no entrance fee or ticket needed - the only cost is $2.25 for each of the trolley rides = $9 TOTAL - CASH ONLY. Plus, of course, whatever refreshments you choose to purchase at each of the 5 stops along the route. Each spot has a bunch of drink and food specials on weekends.

Mark your calendar and plan to "Let SEPTA Be Your Designated Driver!"

Check out the full schedule!
 Media Youth Center Summer Hoops League:
 I really enjoyed the invite to stop by and check out the Media Youth Center last week.  The games were great and everyone had a good time.  Congrats to the 4th/5th grade girls team on their historical win!


  1. FYI:
    The Houtman Park Renovation is underway - It should be completed this fall

  2. Tedman
    Just an FYI scrolled the "other" Media Pa. News site --- I find it very interesting that the BIGGEST story in recent Boro history the re opening of 3rs St. as it always has been two lanes and two ways has not even been mentioned.

    Guess it just does not fit the AGENDA of that websites idea or the Council person who runs it, of Media, Pa. news........interesting