Saturday, September 6, 2014

Here's the best place in Media to watch the Eagles game!

As controversial as this topic is, it's an announcement that carries a lot of weight here in Media.  Not only for the bragging rights to be awarded such a title, but as a service for the many Eagles fans you'll soon start hearing from your living room couch come Sunday. 

I have no scientific study with charts and statics, but I do have experienced and talk to A LOT of people that know this stuff.  Here's what they say and I agree: Plumstead Inn is hands-down the best place to watch an Eagles game.  Televisions are decent, as is the food and drinks.  This year they upp'ed their game with WIFI, which any fantasy football owner knows comes in handy.

For those of you who like to stay local to Upper Providence, the Boathouse on Providence Road has great televisions, specials and a lot of parking.  Also don't forget Jack's Tavern who gives the best value around for food and drink, and now offers WIFI.  On Sunday, Jack's will also have a $10 special that includes two drinks, light fare and an outside setup with a TV.  Not a bad place to check out if you're looking to avoid Super Sunday on State Street.

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