Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Last roll of the dice for the Daily Times. Slams owners and pleads for financial investors as Digital First Media looks to exit.

When I first read this I was taken back a bit as letters like these don't improve a situation, but usually mark the end.  What it shows is that the Daily Times financial situation may be in a lot worse shape than anyone thought.

1) A desperate move like this by Local 10 with the Newspaper Guild, signed of by The Delaware County Times; shows this group may be close to going out of business.  What the financial sustainability is for the Daily Times isn't known, but to make a plea to potential investors this way leads me to believe there are not a lot of serious inquiries, if any.

2) Bashing your employer, Digital First Media and antagonizing them with a letter like this leads to further questions.  If this group is slamming their own employer who signs their paychecks, how long is it until they shut the whole operation down?  Maybe it's already underway which led to such a letter.  In addition, who in turn would invest in this group and not think something like this might be done again to them if things didn't go well?  I understand the frustration by here is some important advice, "Grace at all costs."
"Properties owned by Digital First Media have yet to be put officially on the market, but recent actions (including the sale of newspaper buildings and theshutdown of the company’s Thunderdome initiative) make it clear that investors are seeking an exit strategy. " Wanted: New Owner (Sept 8th 2014) The Newspaper Guild of Greater Phila.

Digital First Media axes ‘Thunderdome,’ may sell its newspapers

I wish Daily Times Editor, Phil Heron and the rest of the Daily Times staff the best, but the reality of this doesn't look good.


  1. People got tired of reading about shootings in Chester and can't stand Obama. No wonder why this liberal rag is out of business.

  2. 'People got tired'? Or, 'you got tired'? The paper is failing for the same reason most other newspapers are failing...for the same reason record stores failed: time has passed them by. Local TV news covers Chester shootings. Fox 'news', which is a euphemism for John Birch Society-like radicalized right propaganda, gives Obama haters 24/7 of conservative claptrap to fill the empty-headed with poisonous fodder they can regurgitate when they know nothing about the issue. No wonder fear-mongering has replaced intelligent debate in America.

    1. Anon 1:48 am well stated thanks for regurgitating all the lefty propaganda and poisonous fodder of the empty headed radicalized left point of view. Bet CNN and MSNBC will be closing shortly behind the Daily Times.

    2. Thanks, you proved my point: Not an original thought in your head.

  3. Michael Jordan, MediaSeptember 10, 2014 at 4:37 PM

    If the Daily Times closes that means the end of local news, and obits. What's going to happen to Tedman's website? Media is going to be a lesser place. The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Daily News are not going to make up the slack. Like the DT or hate it, Editor Phil Heron always let you have your say.