Thursday, September 18, 2014

Media angry over proposed survellance cameras on State Street by Mayor McMahon.

Dining Under the Star via Surveillance
Mayor Bob McMahon's latest project regarding surveillance cameras on State Street led to public outcry and confusion at tonight's Media Borough council meeting. Resident alleges intimidation and lack of due diligence by Media Borough Council.  Public Safety Chair, Paul Robinson at a loss for important answers on how video and data will be facilitated.  Poorly handled by Mayor McMahon, as McMahon back pedals with resident stating this can be handled off line. Mayor McMahon, no it can't!

Here are a few questions that still haven't been answered:

Tracking capabilities of proposed surveillance systems
  • What is the core objective of this project and what statistics are there currently that justify the effort.  (i.e. is there an immediate need for this technology based on prior issues?)
  • How sophiticated are these cameras and where will they be placed?
  • What's the resolution and field of vision?
  • How much of a residence will be seen for people who live on State Street?
  • Will law enforcement be able to view live feeds from patrol cars?
  •  How long will the data be held (i.e 30 days) and who verifies it's deletion?
  • Will this system to tied into Homeland Security or other federal databases?
  • Statements made say video will rarely be viewed live.  What's rarely? (one day a week? 10 minutes each hour?)
  • Will the community be given a live demonstration of the technology?
  • Will the program to be expanded to include other streets?
  • Will the system be used proactively to leverage Intelligent Video Analysis for such things as loitering and illegal parking?
  • Will public signs be posted identifying the surveillance cameras?
  • Can they be provide in N. Olive parking garage?


  1. Mayor McCheese is trying to catch the Hamburgler.......on video. He's gotta be around here somewhere.

  2. Michael Jordan, MediaSeptember 19, 2014 at 10:04 AM

    Tedman is still the best reporter in Delaware County. And the fastest. Gets at the heart of the issues. Too many unanswered questions on this new technology. 1984 is coming to Media in 2014. At the least, this issue needs to be vetted by the public, not just our elected officials. Let the debate begin right here.

  3. Why won't Boro Council put together a Citizen's Advisory Committee to discuss the need and uses for 24/7 video monitoring on State St. Why isn't the community more involved with this? What say do the residents have? After all I believe it is our tax dollars paying for them to spy on us.

    1. Tax $$ to spy on us. You got that right, CVP.

  4. Here's an even more basic, unanswered question:

    What prompted this initiative?

    Did Mr. McMahon decide that Media needed cameras on his own initiative - and why? Or did this idea only come as a result of a sales pitch offering a surveillance system at the too-good-to-be-true 90% discount?

    We know that Mr. McMahon has been seduced by sales people before (see e.g. Today in America). This sounds like another example.

  5. Discussion, debate and careful consideration must be given to this most important issue. We can't give this Council a blank check. Look at the funds and time they wasted on the 3rd Street Bridge debacle. And don't forget the 20K Mayor McMahon spent on a video that no one ever seen.

  6. Another waste on money? Did anybody ever figure out what the $40,000 PIO does, or even who the PIO is?

  7. Are they expecting a surge in crime? The last time I looked at a crime map of Media it was extremely low.

  8. I live here and pay good money to live here because It's low crime. Because I don't want my kids to walk through metal detectors at their school. Nor do I want to be taped while at activities with my kids. If I wanted that I'd move to Philadelphia. I don't feel It's necessary unless around the court house complex and funded by the county. Let our borough officer's continue to uphold the law as they are. MPD is holding it down already. We truly have a great community. Yeah, your always have the town drunk, local riff-raff, etc. But I commend MPD for the excellent job they are already doing. Use the money for a skate park/bmx park. Use it for a dog park. Use it for fireworks. Use it for more family friendly activities. We have so many, I know. Just think about all the other options. If it is to prevent crime on state St. I think that it should be up to the business owners to protect their businesses. Just as if I wanted to put surveillance around my house. It's my house!!! My expense!

  9. Let's see a Camera put in front of the Media Town House Restaurant, We can all watch all the deal fixings... "going down" with the Judges, Special Masters with select Attorneys. Now, that has been long over due.

  10. No one has been angry enough to speak out. Is it going to be video and AUDIO.