Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Penncrest Football Loses Season Opener
Tough loss for the Lions with the start of their season on Friday against Upper Moreland (30-12). Next up, Penncrest will play Springfield this Friday (9/5) at 7:30p for their home opener.  Also, Penncrest will have a Beef and Beer fundraiser this Saturday (9/6 7pm) at the Media Community Center.  Tickets are $25.

If you're interest in volunteering at one of the home games, here's a great sign-up sheet that shows the whole schedule.

Garden Cafe Open - GRAND OPENING Wed 9/3
I like the awning and am looking forward to giving this a try.  If you haven't heard, this is the newly opened Garden Cafe on Jackson Street.  For cool specials and updates, check out their Facebook page.

Grand opening on Wednesday Sept. 3rd from 7:30 until 1:30pm. Garden cafe offers quality house roasted meats and local produces in our Breakfast and Lunch Pannini, farm fresh salads and homemade quiches.

Garden proudly serves La Colombe Coffee and Viso authentic Italian pastries.

Houtman Park Improvements Underway
Work has begun on Houtman park that will entail a make-over for this open space.  Essentially, it'll be a massive clean-up of fallen and dead trees, removal invasive plants, new plantings of trees and shrubs, and storm water and erosion remediation.

Plans include wheelchair accessible walk-ways, a street level observation platform, foot bridge and path around the perimeter of the park.

Olive Street Garage Update:
The second tier of the Olive Street Garage is now open allowing for parking on both 2nd and 3rd floors.  The bottom level is still under construction.  No sign of parking kiosks, so it looks like the parking is free for now.

Indian Restaurant Expansion
Major work is going on at Sheree Punjab on State Street regarding their recent expansion into an adjacent building.  No word on a completion time-frame, but things are progressing quickly and will be a welcomed addition to this popular restaurant.

Media is Humming, Literally
You'd have to pay attention to notice it, and also be in certain areas to hear the Media "Hum", but it's certainly there.    You can hear it up 6th Street, N. Olive and even over on Kirk Lane.  The hotter the day, the better chance you have experiencing it, especially if you're near the higher elevations around town.

It's been around for years and drives some people crazy who hear it when sitting on their decks.  For those who are unfamiliar, the county courthouse has HVAC system that can be heard from blocks away.  Maybe you already know what I'm talking about.

Road Resurfacing in the Borough this September
Between the sewer work on Edgemont Street and the gas line upgrades on Front and Veteran's Square, a lot of infrastructure work is going on in the brought.  Later this September, the resurfacing will begin for the following streets:
  • Edgmont Street - (3rd Street to 5th Street)
  • Haldeman Street - (Front Street to 3rd Street)
  • Front Street (Radnor Street to Manchester Avenue)
  • Gayley Street - (Franklin Street to Borough Line)
  • Jefferson Street (Olive Street to Jackson Street)
  • 8th Street - (Jackson Street to Olive Street)
  • Baker  Street - (Radnor Street to Manchester Avenue)

Eh, I don't know....$400,000?
I can't say I'm really impressed with what I've seen so far regarding the new Rose Tree Reserve development that is starting to come together off of Baltimore Pike across from the Elwyn Campus. Obviously, it'll look much different when it's done but I still can't get beyond the price for the lower end units starting at $400,000.  I don't think I'd even be interest at $300,000, but then again I'm cheap.


  1. Not very impressive looking. For $400k +, they had better have gold plated fixtures and lots of square footage!!!

    1. Im with you there. Not for that price!!

  2. You can get one looking just like this towards Lancaster for 175,000. I know its not Media but!!!! Little high if I do say so.

  3. McMansion's are horrendous! They ought to start over, zero charm. They look like the white elephants built at the gateway of media behind edible arrangements. If the planning board or whoever allows these projects to be built continue to ignore media's architectural style, it will soon look like Springfield!

  4. You think that is something. The townhouses over on Orange and 4th or 5th go for 600k. There doesn't even seem to be a pool or anything else back there. Will the new development at least have a pool, tennis, playground, anything? I hope they have state of the art sound proofing. Won't help much if you fart on the porch though.

  5. 4th and Orange townhomes are MUCH nicer and a MUCH BETTER location. No comparison.

  6. In the city, we called them "row houses". The name change jacked up the price, I suppose.