Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Did the Sun set on Media’s Solar Projects?

A few years back, thanks to former Media council president  Pete Alyankian, Media was known for its vision and commitment towards installing solar panels on as many as 8 public buildings.  Media was also a big advocate for renewable energy that included programs to sign up for clean wind energy through PECO.  

These days, the only time I hear about solar power in Media, is when someone tells me one of the buildings is offline because no one is actively checking or reporting on it. 

Anyone use this?
Tesla Motors Knows Marketing!
As for grants and financing for these solar  projects ; I’ve not heard of one dollar being raised or applied for in years.  Has the Sun really set on Media’s Solar initiatives?  I hope not, but not much is being done to make me think otherwise.  Just this week I saw a Tesla S, which I now see routinely in Media; sitting literally feet from Media’s electric car charging station, which continues to be poorly advertised and woefully underutilized.  I’m quite sure the Tesla driver wasn’t even aware there was one that close.  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, Media has an electric vehicle charging station behind the firehouse that’s connected into the solar panels on top of the building. 
Is Media Borough Really Advancing Solar?

If you follow what’s going on in these types of technologies, especially electric cars, you’ll know the name Elon Musk.  He didn’t invent the electric vehicle, but he sure has given it the panache that it’s been lacking.  Just last week, his company Tesla unveiled a model “D” that  is now one of the fastest production 4 doors on the planet.  It’s not just the technology that makes this special, but it’s also the presentation, enthusiasm and commitment to making it work.  In contrast, Media PA of all places could learn from that success.  Instead of having a recharging station in an obscure location; move it to the Olive St Parking garage and showcase the importance and commitment to these initiatives.  I imagine it’ll increase use 10 fold from where it's at now.  These kind of charging stations are routinely advertised for hotels in major cities, why not Media?  

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  1. I have a Chevy Volt. Every time I would try to charge my car at the Media Station it was not functioning. That could be one of the reasons it is underutilized. I would agree to move it to the Olive Street Parking garage. Thank you for the article.