Sunday, October 19, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

In Media Today!
Despite the Eagles being off this week, there are two big events going on today.  First up, is the benefit for Fran Dunn at the Plumstead Inn this afternoon at 1pm.  Secondly, there is the Media VFW Crab Feast which has become a local favorite and goes from 3pm - 6pm.  Check out there FB page for more information.

Media looking to Borrow......for what?
Oct 16, 2014 Agenda Item
Interesting line item in this month's Borough Council agenda showing the consultant services of PFM Group.  It's not clear why this company was hired, but they do specialize in financial borrowing for municipalities.  What is Media looking to borrow and for what?  Are taxes about to go up?!?!?!

Condolences for the loss of Chili Dane
R.I.P Chili
Very sad news to hear the passing of Chili Dane, Media's most famous four-legged ambassador of State Street.  Chili was the deaf Great Dane that was often seen at the Plum Street mall with his owner Hank.  My deepest sympathy and condolences.

Edgemont and Jefferson lot.
People have noticed the heavy equipment onsite which looks to be getting ready for excavation. Well, it is.  It appears the plan is to move ahead with the "vertical townhomes" I mentioned way back when in this article.  Not a whole lot of information yet, but the fact they are beginning is a major milestone for this location.

Water Towers Painted
The Media water towers up on N. Monroe have finally been painted and look quite good.  In the grand scheme of things, that may not be big news, but I did report a few weeks ago that there were questions as to why they stopped.

Campaign Sign Season
So far, we haven't seen the bumper crop of campaign signs we normally see at this time of year.  I'm sure that'll change in the next few weeks, but at least it's not as bad as what goes on in Delaware and Maryland.  Down there, especially around Annapolis, they've had campaign signs out for weeks with sign sizes as big as 4'x8' in people's yards.

Santa's Parade this November 30th
I was invited down to take a look at the preparations for Media's First Annual Christmas Parade/Fun Run and I can tell you I was quite impressed.  Not only by the contributions from a host of sponsors, but also by how well this is organized.  The town is going to be pretty amazed by the acts alone, but the whole day should be quite special for Media.


  1. I'd like to pass along a sincere "thank you" to the property owners and construction crew at Jefferson and Edgemont for removing a perfectly good sidewalk in our walk-able town. Strolling on the shoulder of Jefferson street seems like a really safe alternative.

  2. What happened to Chili? How did he die? I last saw him about 2 weeks ago. He seemed fine.

  3. Chili lived past his due date. Large dogs have a short life span. Will miss seeing him and his owner.

  4. MediaMike- No matter the condition, the sidewalks cant be spared for that scale of construction.
    Its the 'cracking the eggs to make an omelette' scenario.(sarcasm is tough to convey in text, btw)

  5. Yay....whole family looking forward to santa coming Nov . 30th

  6. Our condolences Hank, Those of us that work At Deals Varity Store will miss Chili Dane. We do hope this message finds you doing well all things considered. Katie & Nancy

  7. Maybe I missed something leading up to this...I gather this means the Friday night arrival of Santa that took place the day after Thanksgiving will be no longer?

    1. Santa's Parade and Fun Run will be held on Sunday, in addition to Santa's arrival on Friday (day after Thanksgiving).