Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Congratulations to Tom Killion, Tom McGarrigle and Pat Meehan

Congratulations on yesterday's election wins to 
Tom Killion, Tom McGarrigle and Pat Meehan 
whose districts represent Media, PA.  


  1. Don't be bummed, Democrats. Use this as a learning experience. Ginning up resentment against straight white men isn't a good way to win elections. For one thing, there are a awful lot of those, and for another, many, many people who don't fall into that category love or like someone who does, so it's hard to sell the idea that they're pure evil.

    If you go back to focusing on working-class issues, like you used to, you can probably win.

  2. At last the negative postcards have stopped landing in my mailbox and the airwaves are clear, except for Fox TV.