Sunday, November 23, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media's First Annual
It's one week a way!
The Biggest Parade Media has Seen in Years!!!!!

Christmas Decorations to Help The Media Fire Department 
It's still not too late to order Christmas decorations from Media Fire Company if you haven't yet already.  They've extended their promotion until November 25th.  Check out what they have to offer, print out the form, and send in your check as soon as you can.

Turkeys and Christmas Trees
By the time you finish Thanksgiving dinner and drive home, you'll begin to see the Christmas tree stands setting up for the next holiday.  They may have even started already.

When it comes to freshly cut trees, there is only one place to go.  In fact, I was invited tag along this Wednesday as they make their trek to pick up their trees that haven't even been cut yet.  I'm looking forward to it and will provide you ample reasons to check this small business in Glen Mills out.  If you're lucky, you may be able to pick one up, but they sell very fast. 

311 Turkeys Break Record for Media
For 2014 the number was set at 101 as the goal for this year's Media Food Bank Turkey Drive.  I knew how challenging it was to help provide 100 turkeys last year, so this was no small feat. 

Going into Monday evening for the drop off at Nativity,  I wasn't sure what kind of totals the drive would tally.  That all changed when I crossed over Baltimore Avenue going towards Jefferson Street and saw a traffic jam at 6pm.  It took me a good 15 minutes to work my way around to the drop off section, but I knew this was going to be big.  

By 6:15 the Nativity and St. Mary Magdalen's group had over 130 turkeys dropped off and more were coming.  This group really did an outstanding job of getting the word out, staffing the positions and quickly unloading each vehicle as it drove up - A model of efficiency and a testament to their dedication.

Turns out they received 311 frozen birds from the community.  There's nothing else to say other than "THAT'S AWESOME"!

It may not be the biggest night in Media, but at one time it was the funnest
Many years ago during college break where ever you were in the world, you always came back to Media the night before Thanksgiving to see friends, family and patronize the the "Big Three" bars on State Street at the time - Plumstead, Packy's and Joclyn's.   

Everybody knew it, which for years made it the biggest night in Media.  I'm not sure that's the case anymore, but then again, I've not been out the "night before" for years.  I do remember it was one fo the funnest times in Media and hope it still is.  The second best night might have been the Halloween Party/Dance they use to have at the Armory (Trader Joe's) with Jimmy Shoe and the Shine, but that's for another story.

GreenDrop Shredding Event on Saturday
It's great to hear things went so well at yesterday's shredding event hosted by GreenDrop.  I was out of town and couldn't stop by, but apparently they had a lot of people that were happy with being able to get in an out to easily use this service.  They also had a charity aspect to this that went well too.

News on Wawa?
By the end of the year, which is only a few weeks away, there will be some news on Wawa project.  I'm not sure if the delcotimes covered last week's borough council meeting, but I'll share what I know in December.  

Olive Street Garage Damaging Cars, AGAIN!
Park at your own risk and peril in the Olive Street Parking garage that was apparently repaired for something like $900,000.  I received communication that someone just last week submitted a complaint that the finish on their car was damaged during last week's rain. They were filing a police report, so it was serious.

For Mayor McMahon and borough council who placed solar parking meters on a side of State Street that didn't have sufficient sun, and therefore do not work, I shouldn't have had a lot of confidence they'd be able to handle a garage. 


  1. The borough has a difficult time enforcing permitting ordinances as well. Take a look at the hideous blacktop driveway off of 5th St. and North St. that just went in last week. It takes away from the whole neighborhood, violates about 8 requirements for a driveway, and will contribute to an already horrible water runoff problem. The borough's response, "Pennsylvania has strong private property rights", then what is the purpose of any ordinance if they can't or won't be enforced?

  2. Ahhh those were the days - the night before Thanksgiving, circa 1988, 89, the bars were packed with familiar faces! SO much fun!
    So come on Tedman, please share the fireworks of the recent council meeting! Can we replay it on channel 42?

  3. Media Borough Council candidates run on promises (much like Obama) but once elected they rarely deliver (much like Obama).

    Candidates ran on not re-opening 3rd St. ---- It is re-opening two ways and two lanes

    Candidates ran on not allowing the Super Wawa ----- It's coming Media get ready for the Super Wawa.

    Media residents who voted for these un experienced fools should feel taken advantage of. The Media Democrats relied on the "stupidity of the Media voter" ( much like the Obama Campaign with Obama Care) Right Professor Gruber?????

  4. From Delco Times: Planner Jack Doyle voted against the motion. He said he thought the prominence of the site at the eastern gateway into the borough should have warranted something other than a “sandwich shop and gas station.”

    So Wawa isn't high class enough to go in between the "We Buy Gold" place and The Raven?