Sunday, November 9, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Voter turnout in Media about 50%
Media borough went out and voted on Tuesday with a turnout around 50%.  A special thanks to the Judge of Elections and machine operators who literally make it possible for people to vote.  As it becomes evermore challenging to find people to work the polls, it may come down to actually consolidating the four polling places down to two.

Media's Thunderbird Dinner and Hall of Fame Night
It's hard to understand how Media became "Media" without appreciating the people who made this town what it is.   The Thunderbird dinner held at the the Towne House last week, continues to show the dedication that many Media families have towards the community.  This event was run by the Gross family for decades and still draws a big crowd.  The proceeds go towards the Media Youth Center, which at one time the winner of the drawing received a Ford Thunderbird, hence the name.

Another great event is the Media Area Hall of Fame Dinner.  This year marks its 51st anniversary.   With a packed banquet hall, this event is still as popular as ever. 

Santa's Parade and Fun Run Walk - Sunday, Nov. 30th.
This event is taking the town by storm.  It's impressive the list of performs that will be a part of this and the generous donations received thus far.  With a fun run and a parade expected to be longer than an hour with many performances, this will be well worth the time. 

Wawa in Media?
The Media planning commission made a big announcement this week that the borough shouldn't oppose and zoning changes Wawa may need to continue their project.  What I find interesting, is the double standard that Media Borough council plays with these recommendations.  If borough council is in favor of a project and the commission's (i.e. health commission) recommendation is too,  they'll substantiate it as an important part of their vote.  However, when a commission doesn't agree with borough council, they discard their recommendations as just informative, but not prudent to the conversation.  That's what was basically said about the safety commission's questioning of more information on Media's security cameras.

So what'll happen with a Wawa in Media?  Stay tuned, much like what happened to the Third Street Bridge, this may very well be decided in the courts.  The borough of Media should have just elected a judge, as the courts are making all the decision for this town.

Development on "Developments"
Come 2015, things are going to start to pick up regarding announcements of new tenants at a host proposed development around Media.  There's three in play right now: Marple, Newtown Square and Granite Run Mall.  Whole Foods is coming to Newtown Square's Ellis Preserve property, but I've not heard anything about a Wegmans at Marple.

One wildcard out there is what will happen to Media' Trader Joe's.  It currently occupies a space that's hardly 5,000 sqf.  Now a days, TJ's are typically built in stores with at least 15,000 sqf.  I'm not sure when their lease is up in Media, but I know it's soon and TJ's might have some opportunities at some of these other locations.

Order your Christmas Decoration from the Media Fire Department
 This is a great idea and will help the community too.  The Media Fire Department will be selling a host of wreaths this holiday season.   Check out the selection and order form.


  1. This year's youth center dinner was grossly (no pun intended) mismanaged. It's a disservice to Bill and Lorraine who had this running like a well oiled machine for years. Tedman if you attended you have to admit that attendance was way down - the long time business folks who stepped up to make this work,year after year were disregarded like trash. I will not be attending next year.

    1. Interesting perspective. What specifically didn't you like?