Monday, November 17, 2014

Media's Turkey Drive Reaches Goal of 101 Turkeys in 10 minutes!!!!

Update 11/18/14 -  Media Turkey Drive organized by Nativity BVM and St. Mary Magdalen's brings in 311 frozen turkeys for Media Food Bank!

There's not only a big traffic jam of cars waiting to drop of food for this year's Media Food Drive, but at 10 minutes after 6pm, they had already beat their goal of 101 turkeys!!!  By 18 minutes after, they were well over 130 with cars arriving by the dozens.

It looks like there's a fierce competition going on between Nativity, and St. Mary Magdalen's as to who will bring in the most turkeys.  I'm sure those numbers will come in shortly after 7:30pm, but this is well on its way to being a block buster event for the Media Food Bank.

Well Done, Everyone!

Cars lining up by the dozens to drop of turkeys for the Media Food Drive!


  1. Wow this is Awesome! Everyone wins!!! Just saying... Nativity had almost 200 turkeys donated.