Wednesday, December 10, 2014

((((( BREAKING ))))) Media Police seeking two men in armed robbery up of Citizens Ban. Last seen fleeing on foot by Franklin Street.

Update as of 12/11 6:41am;
Media Police are looking for two men wanted for the armed robbery of the Citizens Bank yesterday. The Deloctimes provides a full report of the incident.

Update as of 6:31pm:

No news yet on today's bank robbery at Citizens Bank in Media, as reported by the Daily Times, though the Media branch has posted the following closure notice which could be seen on their front door as of 5:30pm this evening.


  1. Any idea why the elementary school was not placed on lockdown? Kinda scary that my kids could have been on the playground with armed robbers on the loose

  2. They don't want to harm your kids. They want $ for their drugs

  3. Maybe they don't want to harm the kids, but in the photo the guy clearly has a gun drawn while he escapes. Let's just say the cops caught up to him near the school and shots get fired....oh sorry ma'am, we didn't mean to shoot your kid, we just wanted drug money....little consolidation....the school should have been on lockdown. That's what they do all the practice drills for!

  4. Doesn't media have cameras along the street they should be caught in no time.

    1. Those cameras are busy spying on everyday patrons of State Street.

  5. This is a shame, if only there were more camera in the Borough situations like this would be a much less frequent occurrence. It's time the Borough puts our tax money to the right use and improves security in our neighborhood!