Thursday, December 18, 2014

Guess what Media's Food Bank got for Christmas?

Coming off a stellar food drive this Thanksgiving with the help of Nativity BVM CYO and PREP, Media's Food Bank brought in 311 frozen turkeys and A LOT of other food items.  That might have been a great haul by any record, but the same team came out again and did another holiday drive this month for food, toys and clothing.

The bountiful efforts of Tim Broadhurst who led this organization created a challenging problem of just where to store all this food, especially the refrigerated and frozen variety.  Well, no sooner did that challenge present itself, did a solution quickly follow!  

Ladies and Gentlemen, Christmas came a little early for the food bank this year with Tim and his crew donating a commercial sized fridge to help store all the donated food! WOW!!!

Here's Paul and Tim trying it on for size!!!