Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Retirement to Leroy Hawkes who worked 38 years at the Plumstean Inn

What makes Media, Pa so special are the ones in this community who make it that way.  Many fill those roles on all different levels, but this month we're losing one to a well deserved retirement.  You might know this man from his very popular music performances, but Leroy Hawkes is officially retiring after 38 years from the Plumstead Inn.  That also retires the local mystery of why you couldn't get a Plumstead cheesesteak with hot peppers when Leroy was in the kitchen.  I bet you didn't know that.

What some would call a controversial measure, and at times often debated, Leroy did not want hot peppers to alter the taste of other dishes he prepared on the grill. Believe me, it took a full sit down to talk through and understand what was a Media myth for many years, but it made a lot of sense.  This is an example of what makes Leroy who he is.  His authenticity, passion, heart and soul are the personal touches that made his food and music so enjoyable.  He'll be greatly missed as he makes plans to move to Delaware to continue his very successful music career.

This Tuesday at around 3pm, Leroy will be shedding his apron one last time.  If you're in Media, c'mon down to see Leroy off and find out if  hot peppers and cheesesteaks will return in harmony to the Plumstead Inn!  Either-way, thanks, Leroy for your many years of service that made the Plumstead Inn an all time favorite!  I'm sure there will be quite a crowd Tuesday afternoon!

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