Sunday, December 28, 2014

Media In Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

La Forno
I can't say I went there a lot, but I know others who did and they loved it.  Unfortunately, La Forno's on Providence road is closing for good.   The building prior to being a restaurant was a well know 7-11 convenience store that was around for years.  From what I understand there won't be another restaurant replacing this one, as the building will be converted into offices.

Hills Seafood.......and now meat
I'd have to go back pretty far to remember when Media had an authentic butchers market.  Maybe that's as far back as Benjamin's Market.  Either-way, Media still doesn't have a official butchers shop, but I did take notice that Hill's seafood is now selling select cuts of meat.

Hills has successfully sold seafood for years, so this isn't a bad idea to also sell meat.  Definitely worth checking out.

Santa Parade and Fun/Run 2015!
It's way too early to start talking about this, but I can't hold back the enthusiasm: Plans are well underway for the 2nd Annual Santa Parade and Fun/Run for 2015.  Looks like quite a few businesses took note and are interested in participating as well.

Media Acme Gets an Interior Make-Over
For a person who lives in Media, but drives out to the Granite Run Mall Acme to do weekly grocery shopping; I've not been a fan of the Media Acme.  There was something about the Media store that just didn't appeal to me.

That's not to say they're not making improvements.  Over the last few months they've changed the produce, bakery and deli layouts that flow much better now.  They've also removed their self-checkout lines and replaced them with cashiers that really help with getting in and out quicker.

Christmas Tree Disposal
This isn't widely publicized, but if you leave your discarded Christmas tree curbside over the next few weeks, Media Highway department will take it away for free.

Media's Proposed Capital Improvements You Probably Didn't Know about
Here's one of particular interest: $330,000 for a proposed Media Business Authority Travel and Tourism Office to be located by the Media Armory?!?!?!?!

Here are a few snippets from that report:


  1. Who is organizing the santa fun run? How do I get in touch?

  2. Removing the self checkouts at the ACME has done nothing to make checking out quicker when there is only one or two of the new express lanes open and 6 or 7 people waiting in line.

  3. Why do you need a tourist office when you have so much access via Convention and visitors center, media patch.etc. too much

  4. At least they could have reviewed the boilerplate before copying and pasting. How embarrassing!

    Section 6: Funding Strategies. "This Section lists possible finding strategies that have been adapted from the MONTANA Department of Commerce ' s Community Development Division guidance for municipal capital improvement projects."

  5. Is this a joke ?.. a Media Travel & Tourism Office ... Save the money ..

  6. This "capital improvement program" seems more like a wish list than a true list of capital needs for which 20- year debt should used to pay.

  7. Just for our readers information concerning the removal of the self checkouts from the Media Acme. This is a industry wide removal of the self check out lanes at Acme and Giant. Seems the excuse that is given is that Technology is to expensive. Not just to maintain and train employees to run these units . But the major reason I have found out is that simple theft by the public has eroded the industry's confidence in them . So don't blame the companies from removing these machines. Besides it give's a job to a high school kid to be the checkout-er.

  8. La Forno will be missed. They were a great standby for a dinner meal here and there. John ran a good business for our community to rely on. He will be sorely missed.

  9. Good thing they relied on the whopping 60 responses to the citizen survey. Takes real guts to call that citizen input. They'd be better off engaging TM to do the survey. Or doing no survey at all.

  10. They are issuing bonds to pay for flashlights and tablets?! Shouldn't an asset last longer than it will take to pay off the debt?

  11. Christmas Idea:

  12. Is the 600k for the lib in addition to the 1mil gift and 1.5mil loan??

    1. Library loan is now stated at 1,500,000 to 1,800,000. Keeps going higher. Residents are getting screwed over by this council. But once again you get what you vote for.

  13. All the employees at Acme seem so cranky and miserable all the time. I would drive past Acme to Giant or Genuardi's (when they were open) just to avoid the Media Acme cashiers. Plus the lines had to be pretty deep to even open a third register. Without the self-checkouts there's no way I'm going in there again.

  14. Anon 222 did not read carefully. Although those smaller items are curiously included in the CIP, they are not to be paid for with debt.

  15. media Acme check out clerks are actually friendly and helpful. They also employ some handicapped folks and high school kids. it was my son's first job.

  16. Media ACME come for the tater tots, stay for the cashiers!

  17. Could someone please tell me how to depreciate a flashlight or a taser?