Thursday, December 18, 2014

Site Plan for Jefferson Square in Media

Here's a recent site plan showing the layout of the homes being built at Jefferson Square (location: Edgemont and Jefferson Streets).  It looks like this will be done in a few phases with the first phase including units 9 thru 20, which will be built parallel to Jefferson Street.

Pricing, floor-plans, standard features and amenities are expected to updated on their website in the next few weeks.


  1. I'm excited to see something so nice coming to what's been one of the uglier empty properties.

    It looks like the upper levels are getting boned on parking availability though. I assume the developer is counting on customers either work locally, or can take advantage of Media's amazing Septa coverage.

  2. Where is the parking going to be ??

    1. It looks like all of the units, when adding up all of the parking spaces on the map, will have two spots available.

      A bigger question would be when the construction process is going to moving on to fixing the sidewalks that were removed. Somebody is going to get run over on Jefferson Street because these guys are lollygagging on installing sidewalks.

  3. Basement level is a garage. The upper level unit takes an elevator from the garage to their unit.