Sunday, March 22, 2015

Media in Two Minutes - It's Back


I haven't posted a MtM in a few weeks now and didn't realize what a detriment that was until I heard from readers.  Some felt lost, while another said that they don't read the local newspaper, but this site! WOW, and THANK YOU! 
The lengthy absence is mostly due to time constraints I have to sit down and write this Sunday update.  Truth be told, I have a sailboat in Annapolis I'm preparing to move and that's been taking a lot of my focus 
Good news is, I'm hoping to write these updates a few days in advance so you have them bright and early on Sunday morning.  I'd rather 100 people love this site than a 1000 think it's just so-so, and that's why it's back on Sundays! 

Sligo is getting "longer"
That's right! Not necessarily bigger, but Sligo I've heard is making plans to expand the existing bar they have at their State Street location. I think that's actually a very good idea, as I've tried to sit at the bar a lot more times than looking for a seat at a table.  I believe they are also putting in a few more high-tops and maybe a small stage.

How good was Media's Restaurant Week?
Despite the fact that frigid temperatures dominated Media Restaurant Week(s), I didn't think the whole marketing presentation was that good.  I saw a couple posters on restaurant windows, and the banner at the west end of Baltimore Ave, but it lacked any kind of measurable enthusiasm or sizzle. The premise was to offer multiple courses for $30 or so, but how's that any different from any other night? A social media hub fully explaining the effort and what value it has for diners, would have helped, and so would have a little ambition

Here's a great campaign Main Line Restaurant Week did for 2014.  They don't make it just an announcement with window posters, they make it feel like a destination, which I'm sure both diners and restaurant owners appreciate.

Broozer's to play at Glen Providence Park?
I hope so, as what better way to ring in Spring than a performance by the Broozer's and maybe Jimmy Shoe and the Shine.  We'll see where that goes but I'm quite sure that would be a very popular event.

You can post on ATMpa!
A lot of people ask if they can post on ATMpa and the answer is YES and it's free for the community!  Send me a message of what you want posted and I'll be happy to help out.  If you can, make sure you have a electronic poster or graphic and a brief description of the event.  I usually have it posted within 24hrs.

Does Media Borough offer a special pickup for Winter debris?
It would be nice if Media Borough announced a special pickup or two for branches and debris that has fallen in yards during this winter season.  Kind of like the Christmas tree pickup, but for lawn clean-up.

Sunoco A-Plus Gas Station to Close
Rumor has it that this gas station is set to close once the new Wawa comes online.  I know nothing about that and haven't heard anything definitive.  However, it wouldn't surprise me if they did.  "But what about the new Subway sandwich shop the just renovated for?"  What about it?  I don't think that makes or breaks whether this store remains open.

When it comes to Media Borough Council, there's always a story behind the story that many people never hear of, and they certainly don't want you to know about.  With one party having an exclusive majority, why would they be tranparent?  They have ZERO oversight.

Here's the latest saga that now deals with Wawa and has been for 3 years now.   What was written this week with Media Borough council tabling a decision to move forward until paper work and more questions were answered, is something I don't believe has anything to do with it - they've had plenty of time.  

Media borough council has resorted to pettiness over the matter, now that they were cleverly out maneuvered by the developers who no longer need a variance from the zoning board.  I only assume they are stalling in an attempt to find a loophole to kill the project.  That illustrated further by a letter back in December from the Vice President of Media Borough Council.  You can draw you own conclusions, but don't tell me this council hasn't been trying to undermind the whole project since day one, while stringing along the community.  It's no surprise borough council was taken to court **again**, and why this is going on for the third year. 

(NOTE: Paul Robinson who wrote the letter is also Vice President of Media Borough Council.)  


  1. So Paul is OK with a Super Wawa being in another part of the borough and that is because its traffic then won't impact East Fifth Street. Got it. I wonder how the Olive, Orange and Lemon St residents feel about that sentiment or wherever exactly he imagines this more desirable location to be?

  2. I have missed the quick updates on the weekend and then more lengthy ones during the week. Great information that is useful! Keep up the good work! --Dawn


    Would the new Wawa be more likeable if it did the same?

  4. Anonymous...Solar panels would have little or no effect with the current council as the last person to push solar and obtain monies to get the panels on Trader Joe's was....(gasp) a Republican! In Media, the Dems rule the roost and there is no reaching across the aisle. Last time that happened, the Dems who dared cooperate with the Reps were disowned and tossed next Primary to be replaced by someone who could not win his own primary election as a sitting councilperson. It's no wonder Media is suck in a rut, residents paying excess taxes and those in charge still trying to get by as yesterday's "Hometown."

  5. Will you do another Best of Media post soon?

    1. Yes, I'll do a Best of Media soon. Thx, for reading.

  6. It just seems to me that the problem is a PERSONAL one against Media Real Estate. They had NO PROBLEM whatsoever approving the building of whatever that is supposed to be on Edgemont and Jefferson, nor the new homes on Radnor. but again, that was NOT a Media RE project. what needs to happen is the VOTERS in Media, need to rally and get this group OUT of here. I was in favor when the Dems first took over Council, but as always happens, when one group is in charge, they tend to eventually become corrupt in thinking that they are infallible.

  7. Solar panels at a 39.5-degree latitude are moronic. They would never, ever pay back the capital cost of installation. Little wonder that Trader Joe's would push them, there's a lot of green marketing there. But from a strictly economic standpoint, there is no reason to do them this far north.

  8. You do not need a special pick up for Winter debris. Put your sticks and branches in those paper garden bags and set them curbside. After they sit there for a couple of weeks they will pick the bags up.

  9. Some truth to that re: too far north; yet, the Finger Lakes Region of NY is even further north and solar panels are being used there a great deal. It is not just an issue of cost/return on investment, it is also an issue of protecting the planet and making ourselves less reliant upon gas and oil. That is what good leadership should be addressing (something the Media Council is seemingly incapable of doing). The future of our children demands intelligent leadership that is not about personal agendas and biases but what is best for the community, even if it hurts.
    Hats off the Lorraine Smith for her insight.

  10. I guess I'm a bit lost on the personal attacks against Paul Robinson because of this letter. What counterarguments are there for what he has said about increased traffic? I am in support of doing something with that parcel of land, but I am also concerned about the increased traffic at that intersection, which is near where I live. Not to mention the impact the super Wawa would also have on other local businesses. What about the other gas stations and convenience stores in the area? Recently I saw a petition posted inside Dunkin' Donuts expressing reservations about the prospect of a super Wawa nearby. Isn't it a councilperson's job to speak for members of the community who have raised concerns? In which case, Paul Robinson is doing his job. If you are in favor of the Wawa, then be an adult, show up at the meeting and express your logical arguments in favor of it.

    1. Personal attacks and Paul Robinson go together like peas and carrots. He is the King of personal attacks. He will do anything to stay relevant and be the center of attention.

      Years ago the Media Democrats were sick of him and kicked him off the ticket and Boro Council.

      He tried to run his "own" campaign and lost in a land slide.

      The Media Democrats were desperate to run candidates a few years ago and scraped the bottom of the barrel when they let him back in their inner circle.

      He campaigned on not reopening Third St. Won the election and lost the legal case on Third St and wound up costing Media even more money with his ignorant strategy to try and force BLCC's hand.

      Paul is a sad little man looking for adulation in any form he can get it --- regardless of the cost to others.

  11. Wawa should never be the gateway to any town. Dunkin Donuts and Sunoco are being screwed. Wawa is only a step above 7 Eleven.

  12. Seriously, what would an acceptable "gateway" consist of? Also, as a near resident but not borough resident, I wish I had been aware that I was expected to drive with a total lack of regard down local borough streets when I utilize borough establishments. I'll be sure to start driving down sidewalks and through backyards when traffic is bad.

  13. Anon 4:30 you sound like me after I drank too much. Driving down sidewalks? Since you are not a resident we don't care what you think. The Hook beckons you.

  14. I don't understand why we're looking at a letter about a zoning hearing board meeting that took place 90-days ago.

  15. The letter draws conclusions with no engineering data to support it. Perhaps our illustrious leaders should have engaged their own expert traffic engineer as a witness to make a valid point. Instead, we have armchair engineers speculating about potential traffic problems after the store built. They can't even address the existing traffic problems. Ugh

    1. They didn't do so because they kknew no engineering study would ever confirm these assertions. It's all about scare tactics to garner support for their position concerning a gateway. Disingenuous if you ask me.

  16. No one in these comments made a personal attack against Paul Robinson. LOL @ whoever made that comment. Sensitive, much?

  17. What about Dunkin Donuts?What about Sunoco..
    There was a gas station at this spot..a hospital next door there was Also a couple bakeries in Media prior to.DD...7 -11... not even close to a company that is headquartered 3 miles from Media