Sunday, March 1, 2015

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

I'm too busy dreaming of a white Easter to write much today, but here's something to hold you over.

The Frosted Mug at Granite Run Acme
Well, Folks, here it is.  The much awaited Frosty Mug Cafe and beer take-out section at the Granite Run Mall Acme.  I only like two beers, Guinness and free, so I'm not sure how much value I'll find in this new take-out, but I know many others are really liking it.

I thought it was just limited to six-packs, but you can get single beers and 12-packs too.  Definitely a time saver for many who might need some beer without the convenience of going to a beer distributor or bar.

I can't help but think the area might be at the beginning of a vast residential and commercial real-estate development boom.  I need only state the following exhibits that are in the works, or are to begin construction:  Granite Run Mall, Newtown Square town center, 200 acres in Marple "Don Guanella" site, Franklin Mint site, and 320 that makes up the Beaver Valley project in Concord.

Here, closer to home we have Rose Tree Reserve with an expected 117 or so units, Jefferson Square which is planning 23, and the "wild-card", of what could be placed on the west-end of Baltimore Avenue just within the boundaries of the borough.  The last of which I'm keeping my eye on.

With many of the recent trends in multi-tenant housing following a few models, it might be worthwhile to evaluate what that could mean for Media.  I could totally have this wrong, and I've not seen any formal sketches or drawings for what is being proposed for this site, but municipalities similiar in size to Media are moving forward with stuctures pictured below.

Here are two buildings that are underway in West Chester, with something very similar planned for Kennett Square.  We'll see what's in store for Media in the next few months when the applicant is expected to submit possible renderings.

Chestnut Square Project underway at West Chester in West Chester

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