Sunday, April 5, 2015

Media in Two Minutes - HAPPY EASTER!

Media in Two Minutes

Happy Easter!

Missed One
I spend about 3 hours a week on this blog, so naturally I can miss things.  I think I missed a post someone asked me to do last week.  So, if I don't post your your item with in 24hrs, just remind me.  Typically I'm pretty good but things come in from a bunch of different sources (Twitter, Facebook, text, email, etc.), so just let me know.

Penncrest Gets a Turf Field
There were a lot of you who wanted a turf field and there were a lot of you who didn't want a $1.57 million turf field.  Believe me, I heard it loud and clear from both sides all week long.  Either way you can read a recent write-up by the Daily Times here.  Also, I'll share the progress once it begins later this year.

Happy 55th Birthday Plumstead Inn 
I'm a little late on this, but the Plumstead Inn has been celebrating their 55th birthday.  Maybe that's why the "Two Buck Chuck" now has a bottle beer (Miller Highlife) in addition to the weekly draft?  I don't know, but happy birthday to a Media favorite!

April 6th - Pay Up for Parking Fines!
That's right!  Parking infractions will cost you a lot more courtesy of Mayor McMahon and Media Borough Council come Monday April 6th.  You'd think they'd at least remind people via or some other announcement, but they must not have time for that.  Ironically they announced they'll spend $40,000 on someone to put up "wayfinding" signs.

Here's the increase starting 4/6/15:

  • Paid within 24hrs - $15, was $5
  • Paid within 24hrs - 72hrs - $20
  • Paid after 72hrs - $25
  • Illegal Parking Fines - $35
  • Parking in a handicap space - $50
  • Meter fees will remain unchanged.

Jack's Tavern Raffle for Rose Tree Fire Company
A week ago I wrote about a gaming license that Jack's Tavern now has at their location.  One of the aspects of this license allows for 50/50 raffles, with half going to a community cause.  This month the proceeds will go to the Rose Tree Fire Company, so get on over to Jack's to purchase a ticket ($5) before April 30th to help out a great cause.

Oh, and because i like this idea so much, ATM will be covering the drawing (April 30th 6:30pm) live via Periscope.  So make sure you check out and download Periscope and like All Things Media PA

Granite Run Mall Meetup!
If you haven't heard about the **SATURDAY** April 11th Meet-up for the Granite Run Mall walking tour, here it is.

VFW Italian Dinner a Big Success
I bought tickets, but was unable to attend last weekend's Italian Dinner at the Media VFW.  However, I heard it was a huge success!  A special recognition for Jackie Heavens who did a lot of work on this.  Nicely Done!  I hope to be there next time.

ATM - Blog to Vlog?
I was approached recently about doing a live, weekly segment of All Things Media.  It's still in the exploratory phase, but would consist of a 1/2hour or so live broadcast of 5 things going on in Media. It would take place on a Friday at a local venue from around 6:30 to 7pm.  People could participate and we'd broadcast either by podcast or maybe Google Hangouts.

Maggie Hook's and the Drawing Room - CLOSED
Despite the negativity towards this restaurant, you never like to see a business close.  Ok fine, you didn't like the food, service or manager; then go somewhere else.  I've never been to this place, so I'm not defending the management, but I do wish them well and thank them for giving it a shot.

What becomes of this location is anyone's guess.   I never thought the interior layout flowed that well for a restaurant, so maybe they'll change that.  Who knows, maybe they'll raze the property and start all over.

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