Monday, May 11, 2015

Big excavation happening at Crum Creek. Is the Septa work to fix the bridge about to begin?

I'm not 100% sure, but I'd have to think this is the start of the Crum Creek bridge repair work scheduled by Septa for later this year.  With heavy equipment in place, they are really changing the landscape which I suppose is need for additional equipment and scaffolding required for the repair.

I couldn't find much on the Septa website, but the project entails the following

  • Replace 925 foot-long, 100-foot-high bridge, which was originally constructed in 1895 and repaired in 1983.
  • Budget $89.9M
  • Design Complete
  • Construction Start: Winter 2015
  • Construction Complete: Summer 2017


  1. $89,000,000 is going back into the economy.

  2. Currently clearing and grubbing the site in preparation for excavation for the new footers as well as stockpile areas. They've also been constructing the access roads and have a temporary crossing of the creek set up., once it's up and running, will provide updates - including the 10 week shutdown of the line from Elwyn to Swarthmore.