Sunday, May 17, 2015

Media in Two Minutes

Media to lose more retail
It's reported that Media will lose yet another retail store.  What that store is will reveal its self soon, but it's one of Media's bigger stores.  On the flip side, it looks like another bank will be coming to town to vacate the old WSFS location on State St.

Will the Granite Run Mall Make-over make it a Class A?
I'm looking to do some further research on this, but being a "Class A" mall in these times, can make or break a project.  Take a look at an article I read last week and compare it to what's going on at Granite Run Mall.  It'll be interesting to know what classification the developers have planned for Granite Run.
"Class A malls are repositioning themselves to be destinations, with more restaurants, which is making them more resilient to what's going on with the Internet," said Rick Romano, a portfolio manager of the $3.8 billion Prudential Global Real Estate fund, who holds 4.5 percent of his portfolio in Simon, his top holding.
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West End Flats
This project will be bigger and perhaps more controversial than what took place years ago for the proposed Hampton Inn.   I've not seen drawings, but I know the company proposing the development did make a presentation to the planning commission recently.  What I did find was that something similar was done in Malvern called the East Side Flats.  Interesting is that builder David Della Porta who is developing this proposal for Media, listed the East Side Flats property for sale shortly after it was built.

There's a lot to happen yet before this project comes into focus, so stayed tune.

Bike to Work.....Everyday!
Last week's bike to work day was a huge success.  Nice job by the
Bike to Work Day in Media, PA

Vote this week!  Primary Elections will take place Tuesday 7am - 8pm
The polling places in Media as of this writing still aren't properly staffed with volunteers to function on Tuesday.   As of right now the Eastern Precinct only has two people to setup and run the polling place.  If you would like to help out, please email

Penncrest Lacrosse
The Lions lost to Conestoga on Saturday and now will host a playback game against Shanahan on Tuesday at 4pm.  Penncrest needs to win two playback games to get in.

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