Sunday, June 21, 2015

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes
Happy Father's Day and First Day of Summer.  

Kudos to Jim Jeffery
I’d like to recognize Jim Jeffery who is Media’s Code Enforcement Director and has been for a long time.  When people come up to me to say how well someone is doing, I definitely take note.  That was the case last week when a person told me how well his experience went with Jim.  Nice Job.

Rose Tree Restaurant
Looks like there's been some changes over at the Rose Tree Restaurant.  It looks like DiFabio's will be running the operations over there now.

New Mexican Eatery coming to Media?
Time will tell, but it looks like there's interest in bringing a Mexican eatery at the former Planet Hoagie location.  Stay tuned.

Plans coming together for Marple?
I find it hard to believe that Arch Diocese is selling an acre of prime real estate for a million dollars. I find it even harder to believe someone is actually paying that price.  Either way that’s what being discussed in relation to the project going on out on Sproul Lane in Marple.  Looks like the Home Depot there is also getting into the game an looking to move into the future development. Apparently, a K-Mart may occupy the build that the Home Depot is currently in.

New Business Comes to Media
Last week I met the president of a benefits company who is in the process of relocating their staff of 15 people to Media, PA.  He was quite enthusiastic about the transition.  Best of luck and a warm welcome to BeneServ for choosing everyone’s hometown.

Maggie Hooks Building
A lot of talk lately about what's going to happen to the property that was formerly vacated by Maggie Hook's restaurant.  From what I know the bank now owns it and is currently shopping it around.  Rumors abound, but one was for car wash.

Periscope Depth
Thanks to all new ATM followers on Periscope.  I've done one broadcast with the service and really thought it worked well.  Essentially it lets you broadcast live video via a smartphone which can come in handy for all sorts of things.  I'll do more of these broadcasts in the future and will make sure everyone is aware in advance. 

Traffic Light or Round-About?

It looks like Media will be addressing the need for traffic easing at the location of Baltimore Ave and Brooke Street in preparation of the West End Flats project.  Not sure if it'll be a traditional traffic light, or a mentioned round-about, but I think I like the latter.

As for the West End flats, you'll be hearing more about it soon.

Does Media Have a Cockroach Problem?
I didn't think so, but someone contacted indicating that it did.  Specifically off of State Street near the court house.  I haven't seen them, but apparently they come out at night and are noticeable.  I've requested pictures and video.

Tiny House Jamboree
I like this Tiny House stuff and some of the practical ideas they come up with.  Here's a big jamboree out in Colorado this summer where they'll have vendors and builders going over a lot of products they have.  Check it out, pretty neat stuff.


  1. K-Mart moving into the Home Depot would make NO SENSE, considering the K-Mart was the business in place before the Home Depot moved in. It's already been confirmed that a Wegman's is going into the land next to the new cottages being built next to O'Hara's.

  2. I've seen hundreds of cockroaches around the courthouse. Just go there at night in the summer and you'll see them too. I've also seen a few other places in Media but I won't get into that... Better at the courthouse then my house!

  3. Lights are better than round-abouts any day.

    1. Not true! Roundabouts are superior to signals in so many ways. Roundabouts work even when electricity fails (something worth noting after this last storm); they don't cause traffic backups during peak hours; they don't clutter intersections with equipment; they're a "greener" option because they reduce the noise of cars/trucks braking and accelerating and idling; they are much more pedestrian friendly; they're a thousand times more attractive; etc., etc., etc. The problem is, roundabouts are more expensive. That's probably why we don't see them more often. But if Media is floating the idea, and it's a possibility, that's great! There are communities all over that WANT roundabouts and just can't afford them. If we can have one on the west end of town, I am ALL for it!

  4. Roaches are back again with the warm weather on Plum Street Mall at night, hanging out around the brick raised planter area just north of Jasper. Took some photos tonight because I remembered this post, but not sure how to share.