Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Where were Mayor Bob McMahon and Media Borough Council during the last major storm? Where was the Leadership?

In what was probably the biggest and most damaging storm to hit Media, since Hurricane Sandy in 2012; a few questions need to be answered:  Why weren't there any borough assessments, updates, course of action or status reports by Mayor Bob McMahon and Borough Council?  Why haven't they utilized the convenience and benefits of social media as an effective form of communication, when virtually every other municipality has?  They not only weren't engaged, they were absent!  And I don't want to hear "it's not in the budget," because this has been discussed for years and "Safety" should be in the budget.  As a matter of fact, these tools cost nothing and only require a bit of effort.

In contrast, other municipalities were actively using social media to provide timely updates during and throughout the storm that included:  street closures, instruction by police departments, emergency services updates, important contact numbers and even opening facilities for those who lost power or were in need.  They were also providing ice to those in need and who were out of power for days!  Much like a few here in Media.

Here are some examples of what leadership looked like in other communities while Media borough sat idle.  Even Delaware County provided detailed reports on what was going on and how they were reacting to the storm.

Kudos and tremendous THANKS to organizations like Blue Route Vineyard, House restaurant, the Rocky Run YMCA and others who actively offered their facilities to those affected by the storm.  Those groups and others were the ones that stepped up to support this community.  I'd also like to thank our first responders and law enforcement who always make it easier to sleep at night knowing they are on the job.


  1. I don't think Brookhaven is a fair comparison. The entire township lost power during the storm and didn't get power back until well into Friday. Although some in Media were impacted earlier, the majority lost power around 6pm Wednesday and had power restored by Thursday. An inconvenience? Yes. Did the situation require the Borough to set up emergency shelters? I'm not sure about that one...

  2. What about the issue when power suddenly went out during Dining Under the Stars last Wed. Think how much money all of those places lost. Not just in business but in spoiled food too.

  3. I do wish Media would utilize social media more. They have a three-year-old Twitter account that's never been used. We lost power around 5 pm on Tuesday and it was out until early morning Thursday. On Wednesday evening we went to State Street to get some dinner and arrived just as the power went out. They could have tweeted that info and saved other people the trip.