Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Here's why you need to sign-up for the new Delco Alert System

On July 1st, Delaware County released a new alert system that notifies the community of crucial information concerning severe weather, amber alerts, public health notices, emergency updates and other important information needed to ensure public safety.  All these notification can now be delivered in a host of ways:  whether text, pager, email, phone call; or a combination of all, the system if quite comprehensive and granular in terms of what updates you can choose from.
Delaware County Announce New Alert System!

In addition to general county updates, this system also has the ability to allow you to pick information important to your municipality.  For instance, here in Media, a user can also select other 'Media Municipal Alerts' like: Street Events, Dining under the Stars, Parades and Public Safety.  This is actually ground breaking in terms of communication for Media, as the borough has had no way of communicating with residents, aside from an archaic phone messaging system.

So how is it?  Well, I have to say having signed-up, it's a great safety tool that all businesses and residents in the county should take part in. To test it out, I selected a host of notifications, one of which was 'Lightning alert'.  The notifications in the form of texts, started to come across immediately during last night's thunderstorms.  Now you don't have to sign up for every alert, as there are probably a couple hundred, but it's nice to have a lot to choose from.  Below is a screen shot.

Remember, even if you signed up for Delco Alert in the passed, you still need to sign up with this new service in order to keep current.  Here's the link to get started, along with a write-up from the county on how to use it.

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