Thursday, July 2, 2015

Media in Two Minutes "Fourth of July" Addition

I was going to wait until this Sunday to do Media in Two Minutes, but since I have the time and missed last Sunday, it's going down now.  And besides, if I wait any longer, there's no guarantee I'd get this out after today, especially with the Fourth of July approaching. 
Ok, bear with me, follow close and let's see if we can get through this quickly.

What's going on with the theft reported on 7th St, Monroe and Jackson?
Last week there were cars broken into in and around Monroe, Jackson and 7th Streets.  Yet again, there's been no follow-up, updates or communication on the situation.  As always, be sure to lock your cars and if you see something, say something.

Fourth of July in Media
This is a kind of a funny holiday in Media, as there isn't a parade and the borough hasn't had a fireworks show in decades.  There is some kind of small event held by the Media recreation committee at Barrall field.  At least there use to be, I haven't seen anything listed about this on the borough's award winning website.  As for entertainment, be ready to hear the fireworks from those who like to hold their own shows.

D'ignazio's Townehoue - Jerry Donahue's Retirement
There are a few changes going on at this restaurant.  One of which was the retirement of Jerry Donahue last week who had worked behind that bar for years.  Best of luck to Jerry and the many memories he's provided to me and the thousands who visited.

In addition, the Towne House will not be serving lunches during the July/August months, but luncheons are still available by request.  Lunches will resume in September.

Old State Tavern
We affectionately called it the "Old Crate" but how ever you felt about it, it's about to change.  I'm now not sure how much it will change, but a new owner is expected to take over soon.  Glad someone is keeping it as a bar, as I know that spot is enjoyed by many.

I do wonder if it will become smoke free or stay the way it is.

The Lights Went Out at Dining Under the Stars
DUTS now seems to have it's own term of endearment, which some are now calling "Eat in the Street."  I actually find that funny, but for those working and dining two weeks ago, there was no humor in the fact that the power cut out.  I have no idea who or who wasn't notified prior to the outage, or if that was even true.  However, a lot of people had asked me about that and my sources told me that PECO had made a statement that power would be taken down in order to fix equipment.

I know a lot of people were angry based on the situation, but I don't know any more than that.

The Secret's Out - Media VFW Breakfast is Packed!
Two years ago I started helping out with the Last Sunday of the Month all you can eat breakfast at the Media VFW.  I thought my omlette making abilities were pretty good, but the event (not my cooking I hope) didn't draw a whole lot of people.  Heck, at $8 an adult, this was by far the best deal in town.

Well fast forward a few months and this place is now hopping.  I just heard they get about 125 people coming through the door on Sunday's.  Nice Job!

I'll get to your post!
I've been contacted to help out with a lot of posts to this site.  I'll get to them and thanks for sharing.

Sterling Pig Brewery
I'm actually looking forward to the opening of the new Sterling Pig Brewery on the westside of town. It definitely looks different and if it has a feel smiliar to a Victory Brewing Restaurant or maybe a Dogfish setup like in Milton, DE, that'll be very cool.  I can't say I'm a big beer drinker, but it'll be a nice addition.  I was hoping they'd have something like fire pits and beer garden out back, but I don't think that's in the plans.


  1. The head brewer at Sterling Pig used to be the head brewer for years at Rock Bottom in the KOP mall and made some great beer so I'm sure he will do a great job there!

  2. For God's sake, why must a power outage be a deliberate political or corporate deception? The power went out during DUTS because a transformer blew, and all of Media that had not lost power during the storm on Tuesday lost it at that moment on Wednesday. And it was out for 12 hours. "A statement that power would be taken down." After all the damage that was done during the storm, an allegation like this is simply ridiculous.

    1. I believe the author said he didn't know if it was true. Do you have any evidence to support your assertion that a transformer mysteriously blew? Without that evidence, the author's position is just as credible as yours.

    2. I just assumed PECO had to take something off-line in order to make repairs and restore power to the rest of Media. Regardless, it's unrealistic to expect them to contact every person who may be affected by an outage, or even issue a statement. I thought PECO did a great job after this latest storm; they certainly had their hands full.

    3. You'd think they would at least notify the Borough. Wonder who dropped the ball