Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pavement to Park = Parklet! Could it happen in Media, PA?

A few years back, not knowing it had a formal name,  I wrote about this concept having seen some compelling setups in the south of France and closer here to home in West Chester, PA.  I thought it was a great idea that could be applied to Media, or at least worth considering for the other six night's that don't include Dining Under the Stars.

The concept is known as: pavement-to-park, which has become also known as Parklets. The idea is to better utilize parking spaces and walkways to bring a more optimized space for the community. Now, couldn't Media use a little more of that?  Well, it could and there are draw backs that include loss of parking spots, problems with loitering, and cost; but many urban areas have begun to seriously look at the value.  One in Philadelphia is even offering to self fund their Logan project through Kickstarter.

I don't think two, four or six parking spaces lost to a idea like this would further hurt the parking perception in Media, it's a bad perception already.  Correctly done, it may even bring in more business for stores and restaurants, which a recent article pointed out happened in Philadelphia.



  1. There are also places called "Pop Up Parks," that take over some spaces during designated days/times but are designed to be temporary. It may be a good way to introduce the concept to Media and its visitors. Once people experience the benefits, I know it will be easier to garner support for permanent structures, because they really are fun, unique little spaces!

  2. Not a cool idea ... this is too busy of a town of this concept we need all the parking spaces that are available ..

  3. I like these structures. Their real beauty is that they're temporary - so you install them for part of the year when it's nice out, and then you get the parking spaces back in the winter. Then you can change up the design for next year.

    In addition to providing semi-permanent outside dining, they would be useful to install at choke points to widen the sidewalk for pedestrians. On many occasions, I've had to walk into the street to get around people who were blocking the sidewalk.

  4. In other towns, concerns about parking were unfounded. Parklets are a smart idea. With all the restaurants here Media would be perfect. Other towns and cities have benefited greatly, they're a big boost to business. In some towns they're seasonal. If they became permanent, perhaps there would be need to change traffic patterns, which wouldn't be the end of the world. Whatever happens, don't mess with the trolley.