Sunday, August 30, 2015

Media in Two Minutes

Lock your Car Doors
Why doesn't Media provide these easy to post updates?
It was brought to my attention that items were taken from a car parked in the Olive Street garage on Saturday. Make sure to lock your doors.

I really don't know how frequent, in what locations, or what is being done about these thefts; but they are happening.  Kudos to Nether Providence who does a good job with notifying the public with similiar issues in their communities.

My Sterling Pig Review!
The parking is a bit of a challenge, but Sterling Pig has the best chicken wings I've ever had.  I'm not much into craft beers, but what I had was good.  It's a bit pricey, but the setting was nice, especially at the bar.

Taco Bar on State Street
I'm not sure when it's expected to be opened, but it looks like a Taco Bar will be occupying the former site of 320 Cafe.  Apparently this eatery is quite popular in West Chester and has plans to expand within the area.

Sushi coming to Upper Providence
Maggie Hook Building in Upper Prov.

A few weeks back bids were due for the purchase of the former Maggie Hook's building.  I know there were at least three bids with a decision to be made by a bank in New York.  One of the bidders was a well know brew-pub who was interested in knocking down the structure and building from scratch.  That bid wasn't accepted, but apparenlty the one that did includes plans for a Sushi restaurant of some sort.  

Details are not yet known, nor whether or not they'll knock the building down, but something will be announced soon.

Bike Rack Removed

On a few occasions, it seems nothing gets done in this town until I bring attention to it.  This week I made mention of the bike rack situation on State Street.  Some people were concerned it was becoming a hazard due to the unintended use as a photo prop, which knocked it loose from its foundation.  Well, that seemed to have taken a toll as the rack has been removed. 

Hopefully, the issue will be re-visited and a new base to mount the rack to will be more permanent.

Where's the $$$ from Media's $5,000,000 Bond?
Where's did all the money go from the bond Media secured last year?  Much went to the Media Libraray, but what about the Media Youth Center and Minshall house?  Both are in dire need of funding.  In fact, why isn't an itemized list posted of where these funds are being spent?

Great Season for Rose Tree Park's Summer Concert Series
A special thanks to all the volunteers and staff that made the Rose Tree Summer Concert Series a success this year.  I was even told by a few people at the event that they wouldn't have a problem paying an admission fee; they're that good.  Thanks for the offer, but it's a tradition to keep these performances free.

Murals painted over on Plum Street Mall
Recently the murals located on Plum Street Mall were painted over. I'm not sure if they'll be replaced, but at one time there was a Plum Street beautification project that included sprucing the area up.

Is Media in the Midst of a expensive housing glut?
I'll get into detail about this later in the month, but based on recent sales, or lack thereof, of high end (>$400k) new homes in the Media area; I have to wonder.  Both Jefferson Square and Reserve at Rose Tree haven't really been taking off.  Looks like Jefferson Square sold 5 units and Reserver at Rose tree only a few more than that.  

Tack on what's proposed for the West End of Media which will include 162 apartments at $1,400 per month, and Granite Run mall building something similar, and you have a lot of inventory on the market.  

Only 5 of the 23 units at Jefferson Square have sold.
A lot of building yet to be done at Reserve for Rose Tree for $>$500k homes

Finally!  A traffic light at Crum Creek and State Rd.
Wow, they did a great job with putting in the new traffic light at Crum Creek and State Road.  


  1. Glad to see the new light. That was a frustrating intersection during rush hour. Would also really like to see a light at Edgemont and Baltimore Pike.

  2. good stuff thanks for the info!

  3. Yeah, I too am curious what brewpub made a bid. Any additional info there?

  4. Any word on that brewpub?

  5. What brewpub made the bid?!!?!?!?!