Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2nd Annual Delaware County Support Our Men and Women in Blue Rally

Check out the Rally coming up for Oct 17
at 12:00pm - 3:00pm

   Baltimore Pike/Bishop Ave

for updates, check out the Facebook Page

Okay everyone, it's time for another Rally. Law Enforcement needs the support of the community now more then ever.

Last year many people expressed their opinion about having the next rally at a different location to show support in other parts of the county. However, after alot of thought and consideration, we have decided to have the rally at the same location as last year. I know this will not be a popular decision, but there are many reasons why this location was chosen again.
1. On this portion of baltimore pike, the area is very open and accessible to the public. This is good for many reasons. It is safer for pedestrians to see cars on the road, and cars to see pedestrians. There are no stop lights on that long stretch of road which allows for maximum flow of traffic (people at the rally and people driving past the rally). And a less important reason, it allows for the best pictures to be taken to get the full effect of the rally.
2. This is a FAMILY event. I believe this is the safest place where people, especially children, can be far enough away from the street, yet still be very involved and active in the rally. As many of you are aware, Chester Pike and Macade Blvd, for the most part, do not have shoulders on the road and the lanes are narrow. The sidewalks are narrow and the businesses are close to the street. This will make things much more congested and pose a serious safety risk.
3. People already know what to expect. They know the staging areas, they know where they can park. They know where to avoid. They know where they can and can't stand. It makes my life MUCH easier as far as planning and staging goes.
4. This rally is not about WHERE we have it. It's about who we are supporting and why we support them. Just because the event will be located in Springfield, it does not mean we are only supporting Springfield Police Department. We are supporting ALL Law Enforcement, inside and outside of Delaware County! Please keep this in mind when deciding if you are happy/unhappy with my decision to have the rally in the same location. I assure you, that law enforcement throughout the county knows that the rally is about all of them.

**TSHIRTS** I will be working on a new design for T-Shirts this year. They will be more directed at police and the thin blue line. I am open to suggestions for design and a quote for the tshirts. Please message me, Amanda Viglione, personally with your ideas. Also, the shirts this year will be one color, not multiple colors. I am also open to choosing the most popular color that you all express interest in. (Black is what sold out first last year.)

All proceeds from this rally will be divided between DELAWARE COUNTY police foundations, including but not limited to, Delaware County Hero Scholarship Fund and Delaware County Police Memorial Fund. I am looking into specialized areas such as departments that have K-9 funds, departments that need bullet resistent vests, etc...

More details will be available as the planning continues.
Thank you EVERYONE for your support and I hope that this year will be just as successfull, if not more successful, then last year!

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