Thursday, September 17, 2015

Important Update from the Media and Upper Providence Police Departments regarding the Pope Francis Visit.

From the Media Police Department:

Pope Francis visit 9/26/15 and 9/27/15
Working in cooperation with Upper Providence Township and their Police Department which has primary jurisdiction of the Media train station.

Prepaid tickets sold Saturday approximately 3,000 and Sunday approximately 4,000.

SEPTA is designating that transit for the weekend is a “drop off pickup” event (similar to what people do at the airport).  The train station parking lot will not be used for parking but to stage Emergency Services and a check in point for passengers. Upper Providence Police will be bringing in additional Officers and will be supplemented by SEPTA Police and National Guard (specifically for traffic and crowd control).

The drop off and pick up of train riders will occur as follows:  Those dropping off will do such by entering Ridley Creek Road at Baltimore Pike and go to Media Station Road directly to the staging area at the entrance of the train Station.  After dropping off passengers the cars will be directed South on Orange Street at South Avenue towards Knowlton Road.  Ridley Creek and Media Station Roads will become “one way” only!

The same routing will be used for picking up when they return at night. “The Elwyn Train Station parking lot has been designated as a cell phone staging area for vehicles to await a call from returning passengers.

Media Police department will be bringing additional Officers to supplement the normal Patrol numbers. The schedule for the additional Officers will coincide with the anticipated peak times and in conjunction with the scheduling of Upper Providence and SEPTA Police.

It is anticipated that a great number of people will be parking in the Borough during the weekend and residents and businesses should plan accordingly. All should realize that a great deal of traffic will be impacting not just Media but the entire 5 County region.

The Borough is coordinating additional parking areas within the Borough boundaries with privately owned parking lots.

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