Sunday, September 27, 2015

Media in Two Minutes - Pope Edition


Media wonders where crowds are for Pope visit.
There's no doubt that Fall has arrived this morning with a chilly temperature of 61F degrees, but the crowds everyone was anticipating for the Pope visit, still haven't shown.  In fact this morning, there were more law enforcement standing around the Media train station than actual people boarding the train.  Last Sunday I wrote "Despite a lot of preparation and information posted on the upcoming Pope visit this week, I'm not sure what to expect as I don't have much to compare it to."  Looks like a lot of others were in that same situation, whether they wanted to admit it or not.

Penncrest Football Beat Harriton - Goes 2-2
Nice win by Penncrest Football on Thursday beating Harriton 42-0.  That puts the Lions at 2-2 going into this week's Friday game against Upper Darby at Louis Scott Field.

Today's Media VFW Sunday Breakfast has been postponed until Oct 4th
Today marks the last Sunday of the month and normally that would mean the Media VFW breakfast today, but due to the anticipated Pope visit, that has been postponed until Oct 4th.

Delco Fall Festival - Oct 11th
I don't remember Delaware County doing this last year, but there sure is a lot of interest in this years Fall Festival at Rose Tree Park.  Hayrides, Face painting, Fire Engine, Paint a Pumpkin, Fall Treats, Music and More; this event has it all.

The Plumstead Inn?
Thursday afternoon someone was jogging past my house and yelled, "Tedman, is it true about the Plumstead?"  I didn't even really look up before answering, "There are a lot of things that could be true."  This is really big news for the town, but I'll let what may or may not happen to the Plumstead work its way through the channels and wait for an official announcement when the time is ready.


  1. We'll probably never be able to definitively find out, but my guess is that many of the SEPTA passes were quickly scooped up by out-of-town scalpers hoping to cash in on a demand that never materialized.

  2. My personal experience Regarding the Pope's visit and amount of people using Septa in Media, originally there were 20+ friends/family from out of town that were planning to attend. Then when Septa was overwhelmed with so many requests that their site crashed early on and estimates of over 2 million people attending with draconian security measures in place that number dwindled to 0 people. This was a similar experience with my in-laws in Bryn Mawr as well. For whatever that's worth.....

  3. Overestimating is way better than the opposite. Generally speaking, SEPTA was well prepared for the event. Great weekend all around!

  4. Hi Tedman, do you know the substance of the Plumstead rumor? Is there potential it's closing? Just looking to understand a little more. Thanks!

  5. Nothing has been signed yet, but it looks like it's moving in that direction. It'll be open til at least the end of the year.