Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Wawa coming to Media soon

Media Wawa coming soon!
You may see the site of the future Wawa at Providence and
State Street begin to be prepared for construction in the coming weeks.  This would include clean-up, razing the former gas station, removal of underground gasoline tanks and possibly the relocation of a few telephone poles.

As for the actual construction of the new Wawa, that may not get underway in earnest until 2016 due to a lengthy permit process that's required for environmental and traffic considerations.  There's also weather that could create additional challenges with delays.

The good news is that beyond the routine formalities, the project is cleared to begin after a lengthy three year approval process.  As for the other Wawa in Media located on Baltimore Ave and Monroe St, that's slated to remain open too.

Here's how far the project has come.  Below is the demolition of the former Media Inn back in October 2010.


  1. any proposed road/intersection improvements? (hopefully)

  2. Theres a gas station across the street from this one and a Wawa 5 blocks down. Hello?

  3. The Wawa plan has several proposed road/intersection improvements. How effective these proposals will be has been the subject of much debate. There was also an engineering review claiming negative impacts would be minimal, which has also been debated. I can only say, who is right won't be known until the thing opens.

    As for the Wawa just down the street at Monroe, and the one by Route 1. Wawa says they will both remain open.

    While I think both sides make good points about the traffic impacts; I call BS on 3 Wawas inside a 15 minute walk of each other. They probably won't close either of the others RIGHT AWAY but I'm sure there will be some serious P&L review. Wawa has said they're moving to the store+gas model, and the other two are not in the current model.

    My fantasy would be to see the Monroe Wawa AND the used car place demolished to make way for a bigger-n-better Pinocchio's Beer Garden :)

    1. That doesn't work for me being able to continue to walk to the Balt/Monroe Wawa.......along with all of the local apartment dwellers and postal workers.

      But I'd welcome an expanded Pinocchio's beer garden; possibly into the karate side of the Pinocchio's building.

  4. The new Wawa is going to utilize every trick in the book to lessen its impact on traffic at that corner, but that intersection will continue to be a nightmare as long as that Starbucks exists. How many rush hour commutes have been snarled by someone blocking right turns off of westbound Baltimore onto Providence because they need to turn left into Starbucks? I can't even count the number of times I've missed the left turn signal onto Baltimore because a car has pulled out of the Starbucks parking lot and blocked traffic trying to make a left onto Providence. My favorite is when a car sits on eastbound Baltimore -- blocking an entire lane of traffic -- with its left turn signal on and waits and waits and waits because there's no parking in the lot. I predict the Wawa won't make it any worse; unfortunately, it can't make it any better either.