Friday, October 2, 2015

King of Prussia Town Center "Gets It", but will Granite Run have a similar vision?

Rendering of the upcoming King of Prussia Town Center
As far as town centers go, the one being built in King of Prussia seems to be on track with getting people excited about the possibilities these shopping and dining experiences can bring.   Here's a recent marketing campaign that does a great job of that.  If fact, it's piqued my interest enough to even describe it as, "pretty cool!"  And positive word-of-mouth conversations are the best marketing of all.

Here in Media, it might be time well spent to see something like this presented for the upcoming Promenade at Granite Run.  Hopefully, that may be coming this Fall, but it just illustrates the importance of sharing the vision of what will be the biggest do-over in the area in terms of shopping, dining and modern, livable communities.

I don't think what's planned for Granite Run will be a "Class A" mall experience which a lot of investors like, but it's going to need to be pretty close and have an excitement like King of Prussia's Town Center video.

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