Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Things get serious for Delaware County as Pennsylvania continues without a budget.


  1. Wolf has a smart plan to move PA forward. These politicians need to stop being so stubborn. Republicans need to get to work asap.

  2. Yeah smart plan my you know what! Raise taxes on working pa taxpayers, shovel more dollars into the burning furnace o's waste that is philly schools and redistribute the rest to cronies. R's own the legislature so I suggest Wolf actually realize he can't do it with his pen! Hold the line!

    1. Doing nothing. Interesting. So it's true then. R's don't care abut education and future generations..Sad. Appears rather the whole legislation lacks interest in people and solving problems. Maybe that's why the state voted for Wolf. Not sure why today's politicians lack respect for leadership. Also interesting how Wolf's plan would lead to a 50 percent reduction in property taxes.