Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Media doesn't have a Hotel or Bed and Breakfast yet, but it's got AirBnB rooms for rent!

Despite what's said about a Hampton Inn we've been hearing about for 10 years, or rumored plans that include a boutique hotel at the former Towne House and adjacent property; I can't tell when or if a hotel will be built in Media.  Actually, I could, but I'll hold off on that subject for now, as it doesn't really matter until someone starts digging up the ground with a backhoe.

As for a Bed and Breakfast, how could Media of all places not have one?  Well, I'm pretty sure that's about to change but I don't have the timing on that one just yet.  Of course there are the highly recommended  Alpenhof and Sweetwater Farm B&Bs, but there just on the outskirts of town.  No, I'm talking about one right here smack in the borough close enough to walk to State Street.  If fact, it may already be a done deal, but the renovation will take quite a long time.

As exciting it is to hear Media might be getting a Bed and Breakfast, there's actually another little known alternative that's becoming quite popular in its own way.  That's none other than the AirBnB locations that can be found in town.  There's not many of them from the search I did, but the ones I found were well liked and received good reviews.  One is listing for $35 a night, while another was a reasonable $60.  Hell, that may even be cheaper than the presidential suite (two sinks in the bathroom) with concierge service at the Raven Motel!


  1. Having used Air BnB (elsewhere) It was as good of an experience as a 'regular' BnB and in some ways better. Its the Uber of temporary housing. Great to see Media being a part of a positive movement like this.

  2. How does Media regulate this stuff like "occupancy tax" that most other overnight accommodations have to pay? Does Media even know this service is going on? It's a good, useful model, but can anyone now becoming an inn?

    1. this might help: https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/481/how-do-taxes-work-for-hosts