Sunday, December 6, 2015

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Media's Biggest EVENT!

A special thanks to Monika Rehoric and the many volunteers and sponsors who made last Sunday's Santa Parade a smashing success.  I know they work on this event throughout the year, but it just goes to show what can happen when a community comes together for the benefit of all.  Heck, it was a lot fun and I'm already looking forward to next year's parade.

So why does Media have two Christmas events within 48hrs?  There's a reason for that, but I'll let the Media Business Association explain that situation.

Team Glen Mills!
I was pleasantly surprised to see that Team Glen Mills Toyota (formerly Carosel Toyota) follows ATMpa on Twitter and here's why.  I've been meaning to write about the excellent service I always receive from them.  I bought my truck there and it's been trouble free, but when I have to drop it off for schedule maintenance, it's actually a experience I look forward to.  Check'em out if you looking for a new vehicle.

Nice Job Septa!
In the last few years Septa has really improved their social media presence and overall communication vital to daily commuters.  I really appreciate that status they provide on the crum creek viaduct project that is well under way.  Not only that, but their effort really shows with day-to-day updates on region rail and trolley lines too.  In fact, when I've had questions, they've replied back to me within minutes via Twitter.  Nice job!

Java's not just a hot beverage
If you can see the embedded posts from Facebook and Twitter I've been sharing lately, you're fine.  If you can't make sure your browser isn't in safe/incognito mode and that you have javascript enabled.  I know a few have reached out stating content hasn't been displaying properly.  Thanks

Media's Housing Bubble
Last week I noticed that the Reserve at Rose Tree was advertising "New Pricing" at the developments entrance.  From what I can tell, only a portion of the expected 100 plus homes priced at around $500k are built.  How many are actually bought, I don't know, but I suspect "New Pricing" means lower pricing, which means challenging market.
New Pricing at Reserve at Rose Tree

Just down Baltimore Pike about 2miles,  Jefferson Square here in Media doesn't appear to have sold many either, but they have time before almost 200 units, over 20 expected to be townehomes, start at the west end of Media.  Add on another 300 units to be built at Granite Run Mall, and whatever is expected at Middletown Commons; and you have A LOT of housing in about 5 miles.

Speaking of West End media, this upcoming development will be priced closely to to what was built in West Chester.  It'll probably also look a lot like 124 Market too.  The group that built 124 Market, won't be building in Media, but the concepts are similar.  I don't know how well 124 Market is doing, but when they are making offers like $0 deposits, free parking, and TVs for free; I don't think that sounds good.

FREE Flat Screen TV with November Move-ins, FREE Parking, FREE Storage and all fees waived for a limited time. Call 610-696-5687 for details
Posted by 124 Market Place on Friday, November 20, 2015

Best Christmas Trees Around!


  1. A few things: It's not uncommon for developers to adjust pricing once they've gone through a sales cycle. Pricing too low is as bad as pricing too high. And I'm confused -- if the developers who did 124 Market are NOT the developers who are doing the project on the west end of Media, why would the building there look anything like 124 Market?

  2. Excellent info as usual!

  3. Maybe the reason people don't buy the Jefferson units are that scary apartment unit next to it! Why would u want to own next to a section 8 building?