Sunday, December 13, 2015

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

The Last "Last Drink" at the Towne House 
Oldest wine cellar in Media
Last week a few people were invited to take one last drink at the famed Towne House restaurant Friday evening, and I was lucky enough to make the list.  Having now been closed for over a month, the place felt more like a museum than a restaurant.  It's apparent things are being prepared for the upcoming auction.  In fact, Briggs auction will be sharing updates via their Facebook site.

So how exactly is this auction going to work?  Well, I had that question too and a few others in terms of payment (cash, check, credit), pickup of purchases, registering and even what the rules are.  Briggs is working on those FAQs and I'll post once they are ready.

Lastly, a special thanks to Jim "Digger" D'Ignazio who hosted the event in the wine cellar.  It was awesome.

Pit Stop Pizza and Steaks
I received a comment this morning that Pit Stop Pizza and Steaks, at the location formerly occupied Cocco's Pizza, is having a soft opening on Monday 12/14. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook. They also have a website

Well folks, Pit Stop Pizza and Steaks is having a soft opening on Monday, 12/14. It is a family owned business, and they have been in the restaurant business since 1988. Same phone number as the old Coccos, 610-892-5900. I saw their website is also up and running, menu looks great, also see they are on Facebook and word is they will be "tweeting" out specials in the near future. I hear, the food is amazing! I'm gonna check it out on Monday!! 

Welcome to Media, Pit Stop!

Clydesdales come to Media 2pm
People have a lot of questions about this event, but the best I could do was find a link that gives the parade route, parking and some interesting facts on the horses.

As for how long the parade is, photo opportunities and other associated performances; I have no idea. However, there are a lot Budweiser specials today at virtually every bar and restaurant in Media.   Remember, no pets are allowed.

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