Sunday, December 27, 2015

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Are drone flights allowed over Media?
What's the deal locally for drone flights?  I saw footage of a drone flying over media during the the Clydesdale parade and thought that would have been prohibited.  I do know the sponsors had asked that drones not be flown, but sure enough, they were flown.

It's back on the market!
Maggie Hooks is in the news more as a property, than what it was as a restaurant.  Well, the deal that was announced a few months ago has fallen through and it's currently out for rebid.  What's interesting was that the group who backed out apparently were representing the House of Blues in some way.  I can't verify that 100%, but that would have been an interesting project.

Redbud moving across town
They setup shop back in May 2015, but will be moving over to 252 in Rose Tree.  Not sure when the transition will happen, but the property they are currently at will be developed into 28 townhomes. And let's face it, that'll have a much more detrimental affect on Glen Providence Park than anything proposed for the Third Street Bridge.

West End Flats
I've not seen much of the recently approved West End Flats project to take shape on Baltimore Ave, but I have heard from one stake holder about a week ago who was not happy with how the whole thing transpired with Media Borough.  I said what did you expect, have you seen how Wawa was treated?

Speaking of Wawa, it's reached another anniversary and doesn't look any different than it did 4 years ago.

Who's Foolin' Who?
The proposed Media Hotel has been a mystery for 10 years.  I've heard Media borough privately state that the owners almost have their escrow obligation met in order to get their permit.  Then I hear from others close to the matter scoff at that statement.  This shouldn't have to be a mystery and people in this town deserver a straight answer.

New Year's Eve Ball Drop
This is actually a good question I received that has an easy solution.  For context, when the ball is dropped it's not timed correctly for the audience countdown.
Do you have any pull with those who run the ball drop on NYE? Great event , we go every year but it always mass confusion when the countdown begins. I have never been able to find a centralized clock to make sure we are in sync with the crowd and world for that matter.

Anything would work , even a time keepers clock for a basketball game. Am I correct in that they do not have a main point of attention for all to follow?

thought you may know something .


  1. the ball drop count is SO off that they should stop doing the count altogether and just drop the ball- they've really dropped the ball on this one!

  2. Very low tech. .countdown and ball done manually. .click is a good tact Zubair if you can. Set it up or have a solution to do it better.

  3. Very easy to coordinate it with the Times Square countdown.