Sunday, January 24, 2016

A couple things to keep in mind while Media digs out from Blizzard

Here are a few FAQs I received over the last 24hrs, that may help answer questions you might have. But first, let me just thank the Media Highway Department and our first responders for the tremendous job they do during times of severe weather, or on any day really.  Nice Job everyone.

  • Snow Emergency? -  Media's snow emergency runs until Monday 1/25 8am, so please be mindful of where you are parking, as the plows needs to dig out certain roads.
  • Media ordinance to remove snow?  Yes, you are required to move snow from sidewalks and walkways within 24hrs after the snow has stopped falling.
  • Snow removal on State Street?  Typically with accumulations of this size, Media coordinates with SEPTA to remove the snow banks that line each side of the street.  SEPTA's involvement is to allow the trolley to proceed unobstructed from cars that are too far from the curb due to the snow.  Don't know where this decision is with Media, but an update **SHOULD** be provided to the community in advance of people returning to work tomorrow.
  • Can I do anything to help?  Actually, you can!  Many neighbors coordinate with each other on parking on one side of their street to allow the plows a clean sweep.  Give it a try, it makes the cleaning process a lot quicker. 
  • Who do I call if my street isn't plowed?  Not me! (Just kidding).  I do get these calls, and I do forward them on to those that do the plowing, but I can't promise anything.  Besides, the Hwy Department has a lot to do with many priorities.  They'll get there when they can.  The formal process is to contact Media Borough.
  • Will trash be picked up tomorrow?  Good question. I don't know.
  • Will schools be closed?  I'm working on that now.  I have a msg into the school district.
  • How do you make the video traffic reports?  I use a GoPro Hero 3+ (1080 wide mode) attached to my 2007 FJ Cruiser and an Iphone 6.  I edit everything on a 27" Imac with Imovie.  I take about 4 minutes of video and cut it down to about ~1min.  The whole editing process takes about 20 minutes and a few more minutes to upload.

Here's what we're working on for the next snow storm video!


  1. Thank You Media Highway Department for doing such a GREAT JOB

    1. Amazing work on the roads. Especially juxtaposed to what "plowing" went on in Upper Prov. Amazing that township has endless money to spend on speed traps, yet at the exact point Monroe Street turns into Old State Road the plowing disappeared.

    2. You mean the section of road that is in Media Borough? Upper Providence did a great job, kudos to the crews!

    3. Anon 12:10 PM - Afraid not. Old State road was deplorable from the Media borough line all the way to the rt 1 ramp. That is Upper Prov.

    4. Yes Old State Road is within UPT but it is a state hwy therefore maintained by PennDOT.

  2. Media is doing a great job but you have residents who do not comply w the Snow Emergency rules, especially on E Front St. These cars are not ticketed nor towed.