Thursday, January 28, 2016

Governor Wolf Mandates Pennsylvania Child Clearances for All….

Background checks are essential and now mandatory via recent state legislation. Here's a local business that covers Media and offers important services for compliance acceptance.

Governor Wolf Mandates Pennsylvania Child Clearances for All….
We hope you enjoy the snow related activities this past weekend. Did you enjoy family, sledding and all snow related outdoor fun while most importantly keep your children safe during the blizzard? We all realize the importance of keeping our children safe.
Did you know that the state of Pennsylvania has recently passed a law to keep our children even safer?  Previously, some school districts and youth organizations required volunteers/independent contractors to receive only certain clearances. Were you aware that the state did not require official background checks from all of these personnel working with your children? Well, now they do. As of this year, anyone involved with children is required to obtain all state mandated background checks.
Most people find this process of obtaining these  clearances to be a very daunting experience., a local company based out of Newtown Square, Pennsylvania is here to provide 'turnkey services' for you or your organization, but most importantly to keep our children safe.  Please contact us today for more information!

Kim Bailor
Client Development



  1. Wouldn't it be great if gun owners need to have a background check to carry a long gun, instead of a toddler? It wouldn't take as long as the lock down drills child care programs have to conduct.

    1. The law mandates that anyone working with or around children is required to comply with Pennsylvania State laws which require specific background checks.

  2. I run a basketball league and collecting all the paperwork from the coaches is very difficult. I am definitely going to call this company.