Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Media's not only getting bigger, it may be about to get taller!

With recent developments towards building of West End Flats/Walk, Media will no doubt get bigger.  However, Media is about to get taller too.  At February's Council Meeting the following agenda item was listed:

"Authorize Solicitor to Draft and Advertise an Ordinance Relating to the Allowance of an Additional Story to the Townhouses in the RND-1 Overlay District Gateway Area 1"

Not sure what the statement really entails or where "RND-1 Overlay District Gateway Area 1" is (there's nothing found on the internet), but we'll find out.  Was anyone aware of this?

I'm hearing that West End Flats/Walk is getting approved with many variances, but I don't know exactly what they are.  One person close to this type a development went on to say that this may be a way to either eliminate the need for waivers or a variance for some future project. 

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