Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Solutions for affordable housing that may work in Media too.

Here's a forward thinking mircroapartment complex in San Francisco that has a few ideas that might work some day soon here in Media too.   Affordable, small, efficient, tech friendly and environmentally sensible.   Did I loose you at affordable?   I especially like the advocacy towards biking, Uber type ride sharing and even a dedicated  Zipcar or two for additional travel needs.

At some point Media needs to explain it's vision for this community.  With three, possibly four major developments to take place in 2016, residents are not receiving the information they need to fully understand the impacts these changes are making.  Speaking of which, has anyone heard about Media's comprehensive plan as of late and what's projected for that plan?


  1. Thanks, Tedman. I was excited when the new townhouses went up in Media because I thought one of them might be the first home I'd buy...then I saw that they listed at 400-500k. Is anyone actually buying these?

  2. I would hardly use San Fran as a model for affordable housing. Nor would I advocate these small units, essentially allowing for a developer to triple the number of units in a single building.