Sunday, March 20, 2016

Media In Two Minutes

Media In Two Minutes

Aqua Water issues on 7th and 8th St?
I received a complaint last Friday that mud and air were coming out of the pipes after Aqua did their upgrade on those streets.   I immediately recommended running the water for a bit to see it it clears, apparently that is also what Aqua recommended.  I don't know if the issues finally cleared up, but I'd be interested if they did and if other were experiencing the problem.

Also, I don't mind at all when people contact about these issues.  I may not have the answer, but we can definitely raise the issue.  You'd be surprised who reads this blog and what influence they have on issues like these.

Chinese Restaurant
and Nail Salon coming to State Street
Well, if you noticed the vacant shops on State Street, you've probably asked your self what will be going in to those location.  I heard both a Chinese restaurant and a nail salon will be moving in.

New Sports Bar coming to Media?
Come to think of it, I don't think Media really has a "official" sports bar since the Plumstead closed. Yeah, I've seen State Street bars with televisions, but that's not the same, not by a long shot.  What I have heard from many sources is that Picasso's is making arrangement in June to totally revamp into a new format.  That new format is rumored to be a sports bar!  We'll keep an eye on that, but that's a clever idea, at the right time.

Media Pizza becomes Tagine Moroccan Restaurant
I remember when Media Pizza opened up in October 2010.  I even did a write-up of it at that time.  This week, there were big changes to Media Pizza; it became Tagine, a Moroccan Restaurant.  I don't know all the details, but people here in Media are really excited.  A couple questions raised: Is it BYOB?  I don't know.   Is it the same owners as Tagine in NYC?  I don't know, but I'm sure they'll have some kind of social media presence soon.
Occupying the former DiFabio's location on rt. 252

New Brazilian Restaurant and Catering coming to Upper Providence.
Don't forget, Upper Providence has an interesting restaurant scene too.  In fact, Jack's Tavern is one of my favorite places around.  It's an easy walk, good food and the prices can't be beat.  No one comes close.  And, you've heard me rave about their soups.

Anyway, new to the scene is Brazuca which is coming soon.   They'll occupy the former DiFabio's location on 252.  Here's more information about them at their FB page.

Public Stuff Incident Management for Media Borough and How I'll make it work!
This effort fell flat on it's face since launching a few years back.  In fact, a few months ago I had to ask the borough to update the site to reflect what was done and what wasn't in terms of the issues submitted. It was over a year out of date, which is good for anyone trying to use it.  Funny, they updated that day after I contacted them.

Anyway, it's a useful service and I think we can make it work.  Going forward I'll check the site each week and post what's been submitted and what's been completed.  Start the video below at 46 seconds in to view a good tutorial.

Media's Traffic Concerns - Speeding and rolling-thru Stop Signs
I suppose better late then never, but this has been a hot topic for 10 years.  Truthfully, I don't think anyone has written about or addressed more than I have.

In last February's borough council meeting, Councilman Paul Robinson said he was meeting with people in the eastern precinct to address the traffic concerns.  I wasn't aware of these meetings, were you? Either way, if anything does get done on this matter, it's probably Paul Robinson who can do it. This issue has been raised with Mayor Bob McMahon for years, and nothing has been done.  In fact, it's probably worse than ever now.

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  1. The speeding on E Front St between Edgemont & Manchester is getting way out of hand. I sent emails to Media Police and The Borough. I heard back from both. I am sure Paul R will make sure something happens here. We did see the police sitting on Radnor watching the traffic. I am not sure if anyone was pulled over or not. There are numerous young families on this stretch of E Front St. with small children. They are outside playing when the courthouse traffic uses E Front St to leave town.