Thursday, April 28, 2016

A great way to inform Media of community projects and development

Communicating with the public on current and upcoming projects is an important part of keeping the community informed.  It may not seem like much and easily overlooked, but timely updates and where to find them go a long way towards clearing up confusion.  It also helps with convenience and safety.

Here's a great example of what Philadelphia does for such issues.  I would recommend Media and/or developers currently beginning projects, provide a similar method to notify residents and businesses.

Three locations come to mind: Third Street Bridge, New Wawa (Providence Rd and Baltimore Ave.) West End Flats/Walk.

A great way to inform the public of community projects and development (minus the graffiti).


  1. Why is there no law requiring state and local governments and contractors to keep the public informed when roads and sidewalks are closed? It should be required to get a permit to close roads and sidewalks, why isn't publicly posting estimated re-open dates part of that process?

    Media is not alone in this failure. There were no official updates on the 252 project in UP. Many thanks for the personal efforts of Joe Solomon, to keep people informed via his blog, but it shouldn't have been necessary for him to do so.

  2. the laws for signage are there - not enforced.