Monday, April 4, 2016

It's a bad sports day not to have the old Plumstead Inn around.

In Memory of "Dollar Dog Day" 
I was reminded by a Media local that there will be no “dollar dogs” sold today for the Phillies season opener against the Reds.  That was a Plumstead Inn tradition, which was second to none when watching the Phillies take the field for the start of the season.  It’s hard to believe it’s gone, as today would have been a great time at the old Plummer as Villanova takes on UNC for the NCAA championship later tonight.  Heck, with today’s sporting events, I’d even go far to call it a “unofficial” Media holiday.  

Well, we could get nostalgic for days, but the real problem is a lot of people don’t really have a good idea where to go in Media for today’s games.  And that includes me.  

State Street will no doubt be abuzz this evening, but where people go to watch their favorite sports team will also be of interest.  No worries, this will all sort its way out, but for now there is a significant void.

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